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Greasy Skin- Causes And Ways To Combat It

Greasy Skin

Greasy skin is common and needs utmost care. People with oily skin face a lot of difficulties and tend to develop various skin problems.

Lack of proper skincare can lead to severe acne, backne, skin infections, blackheads, and pimples being the most common skin problems.

What causes oily skin?

There are no specific reasons or causes of having oily skin. There are diverse factors that cause oily skin, some of them being very common.

Everyone has sebaceous glands in their skin that produce sebum and helps in keeping your skin nourished or hydrated.
Every skin produces enough sebum that will keep your skin nourished, hydrated, and shiny.

People tend to have oily skin when the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum. The sebum gets trapped in pores and makes these pores clogged.

They get mixed with bacteria or dead skin cells that lead to the production of blackheads and acne.

The excess of oil makes your skin unhealthy as well as makes it prone to several skin infections.

The common causes of oily skin are:

1) Age:

As you age, your skin loses proteins and collagen. There is the development of wrinkles and your skin loosens. The sebaceous glands produce less sebum as they become weaker too. Hence, you will have dry skin as you age.

However, not everyone has the same result. You can still have oily skin as you age. This might not be the cause but people with oily skin age slowly. This is one of the most important benefits of having oily skin.

2) Genetics:

You are more likely to end up with oily skin if it runs in your family. People who have a genetic history of having oily skin will end up having oily skin too.

3) Hormonal imbalances:

Hormonal imbalances also cause oily skin. Any abnormal changes in your hormones might lead to the development of greasy skin and then acne.

When the specific so-called male hormone called androgen increases then you tend to have an increased risk of having oily skin.
This is one of the major reasons why people with hormonal imbalances end up in severe acne.
4) Poor diet:

A poor and unhealthy diet can also be one of the common reasons for having oily skin. Diet has the power to actually influence your type of skin. Having a healthy diet will lead to healthier and glowing skin.

5) Enlarged pores:

Large pores tend to produce more oil. The enlarged pores produce a lot of sebum and then might to lead even severe complications. Any changes in weight or specifically abnormal weight gain can lead to enlarged pores.

6) Location:

If you live in a place that is humid or has a hotter climate, you have higher chances to develop am oily skin. Therefore, your skin type also depends on the place and its climate.

7) Using the wrong skincare products:

Another reason that you might have developed oily skin is by using the wrong skin care product. Use the right skincare product for the right kind of skin.

Some of the simple ways you can combat oily skin are:

  • Use a well-balanced cleanser
  • Use a good moisturizer
  • Exfoliate your skin thrice a week if you have extremely oily skin or twice for regular oily skin
  • Use skin care products that have glycerine, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, beta-hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide, and antioxidants.
  • Don’t over-apply makeup products
  • Use a toner
  • Homemade remedies and DIY FACIAL MASKS
  • Avoid skincare products with fragrances or harsh chemicals
  • Wash your face often

These are some of the simplest ways you can combat oily skin.

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