10 Most Effective Blackhead Removal Tricks That Actually Work


Blackheads are tiny pesky spots on your skin, that are hard to remove and can cause you to look ugly and unattractive. These require special attention while clean up, and can be quite adamant to go off. Humor aside, These can cause a lot of pain when removing them and can be utterly ugly at times. Especially, they leave behind bump and redness after removal and thus can be extremely painful.

Here we present you 10 Most Effective Blackhead Removal Tricks that Actually Work 
Steaming has always been the first step towards an easy blackhead removal. Steaming can relieve the skin, unclog pores, and help blackheads come out easily. The steam duration might depend upon the blackheads and how deep they are into the skin. Ideally,10- 15 minutes of steam is sufficient for a session.

2.Hot towel
Dipping your towel in hot water can help in the removal of blackheads to a certain extent. All you have to do is, dip your towel in hot water, and press it against the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise by again dipping the towel in warm water and pressing against the blackheads. This will loosen them a bit and will be easily removed without much pain.

3.Cinnamon and Lemon
Cinnamon and lemon mask works wonders for removing blackheads. Add 1 spoon of cinnamon and 1 spoon of lime juice and scrub it on the affected area. It might cause a tingling sensation. Leave it for 10 minutes and scrub it off. You can see your blackheads being removed. 
4.Baking soda
Baking soda is termed to have a few side effects but it works like magic, in times of need. So, apply a mixture of baking soda and water to the affected area and wash it off. This really helps in removing those deep-rooted blackheads
Toothpaste has fluoride in abundance and thus can help in the removal of blackheads to an extent. Simply dab a dot of toothpaste on the affected area, and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash it off, once it dries up. You can see the difference after using this technique 2-3 times. 
Teabags help and unclog pores. Applying tea bags on the affected area can not only help in the removal of blackheads but also deep cleanse it. Blackheads are nothing but oxidized whiteheads. So, this tip works for both whiteheads and blackheads alike. 
7.Rice Scrub
Rice scrub can be used when you want to avoid baking soda. Just soak in a few spoons of rice for 5 hours in water. Grind it to a coarse paste afterward, and apply it over the affected area. Once it dries up, wash it off with cold water. 
Blackheads are caused due to the accumulation of oil in clogged pores, therefore, maintaining a proper diet and consumption of less fatty foods can avoid the onset of blackheads in the first place. 
9.Beauty regimen
Exfoliating must be an integral part of your beauty regimen after moisturizing. exfoliating skin helps in deep cleansing of the pores and thus the accumulation of oil beneath the skin. Using a suitable exfoliate helps in maintaining the normal pH balance of the skin. 
Hydration plays a major role in the upkeep of skin. To prevent the skin from becoming excessively oily, hydrate your skin properly and maintain a proper diet.

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