5 Hormone Balancing Foods to Eat Daily

5 hormone-balancing foods to eat daily

Hormonal balance is an important factor that helps in keeping your body healthy and fit. Hormonal imbalance can lead to an array of diverse physiological and psychological disorders. It is important to maintain the balance of your hormonal levels to let your body and every organ function normally. However, one of the easiest you can balance your hormones is by including some hormonal balancing food in your diet.

Any imbalance in your hormonal levels may lead to reproductive disorders, mental disorders, and other physiological disorders. In fact, hormonal imbalance can also cause depression, anxiety, PCOS, mood swings, irregular periods, infertility, and stress. Therefore, it is important to balance your hormones for a healthy body.

Some of the hormones balancing food items are listed below:

1)  Turmeric:

Turmeric is the best hormone balancing food item. It helps to maintain the balance of your hormones effectively and has miraculous effects. It can cure several hormonal disorders and even make your periods a regular thing. Just add ½ tbsp of turmeric in milk and drink it every day before going to bed. This works wonders on your body.

2)  Fennel seeds:

Studies show that including fennel seeds in your diet improves your hormonal imbalance and treat several disorders. Just consume 1 tbsp of raw fennel seeds with yogurt or grind these seeds such that it becomes a powder and consume the same with a glass of water. It works wonders and is also said to treat PCOS.

3)  Black cumin seeds:

These seeds are nothing less than a miracle cure. They help in balancing your hormones and even help in relieving menstrual cramps. You can have them with Greek yogurt or include them in your ethnic food recipes. Apart from this, you can have a tbsp of black cumin with a glass of water.

4)   Cinnamon powder:

Cinnamon is not to be missed when we are talking about hormonal balance. Cinnamon works amazingly to cure hormonal balance disorders and effectively balances hormones. You can have ½ tbsp of cinnamon powder with a glass of water before your breakfast and see great results.

5)  Nuts & seeds:

Nuts and seeds are another noteworthy kinds of hormone balancing food items. Nuts help in balancing your hormones similar to the seeds mentioned above. They help in treating many hormonal imbalance disorders.

Apart from these, you can also include legumes, whole wheat grain food items, fresh vegetables, soy products, olives and chickpeas to balance your hormones.


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