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Maskne- The Other Side Effects Of COVID -19 And Skincare Tips.


The sudden onset of Covid-19 has taken all of us on a toll. It does not matter where you live or what you do, there some precautionary measures released by the WHO that are compulsory to be followed.

The Coronavirus is highly contagious and is spread by nuclei droplets.

Covid-19 was declared as a “Pandemic” in early march by WHO and several countries went through a complete lockdown. These lockdowns lasted for months and there still some countries that are in complete lockdown.

In all this chaos, one of the best and common ways to protect yourself from the virus is by wearing a mask every time you leave your house.

Many countries have made wearing a mask a compulsory act where if anyone is found without a mask, they can be punished and fined. Now, wearing a mask has made several people worry about their skin.

People were more likely to develop “Maskne”, a form of acne that is caused by wearing masks for hours.

The occurrence of ‘Maskne’ has become relevant and has become one of the most worrisome concerns to everyone.

How does wearing a mask lead to the development of acne?

Wearing a mask for long hours leads to your breath redirected towards your face during exhalation. Wearing masks for long hours will repeatedly redirect your breathe to your face and make it moist.

Moist and a humid atmosphere influences the development of bacteria, yeasts, and even fungi.

The bacteria later stay on your skin if not cleaned, thereby leading to the development of acne.

There are several factors that influence the risk factors of developing Maskne. Some of these factors are:

  • Not cleaning or washing your masks every time you return home
  • Poor hygiene
  • OILY SKIN/ Sensitive skin
  • Wearing a tight-fabric mask

Therefore, here are some skincare tips you can follow to reduce the risk of developing Maskne:

1) Go for a light fabric mask as it helps to breathe better

2) Cleanse your skin every time you return home- Double Cleanse

3) Wash your mask repeatedly and wash it thoroughly after you return home.

4) Do not wear unwashed or used masks again

5) Use unscented or fragrance-free cleansers

6) Avoid harsh physical scrubs or exfoliators often

7) Use barrier creams and moisturizers.

8) Avoid wearing heavy makeup with a mask on

9) Wash your hands and refrain from touching your face repeatedly.

10) Use salicylic acid if your skin is acne-prone.

Apart from that, flush that stress away, and don’t forget to wear your mask no matter what happens!

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