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The Boiled Egg Diet To Lose 24 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks

Boiled Egg Diet

Eggs are known to be a rich source of proteins but you will be surprised to know that, following a diet rich in eggs can also be a bonus for you if you wish to lose some extra pounds from your body. The Boiled Egg Diet To Lose 24 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks

Losing weight is one of the most searched questions these days. But have you ever thought about what are the causes behind you gaining those extra pounds of fat on your tummy or your thighs?

The answer is very simple; YOU are the cause behind this unhealthy weight gain.

The several causes behind gaining extra pounds of fat are:

1. Your food habits

Eating habits are one of the major reasons which can make you either healthy or unhealthy. The right choice of food not only makes you strong but also plays a role in shaping your body in the right way.

When you choose a pizza slice over the freshly chopped salad, you take few steps closer to gaining unhealthy fat which is not apt for your body.

2. Laziness

In the era of technology, we have the technology for our every small requirement, instead of walking to the nearest store; we prefer riding a bike, this not only makes us more dependent on technology but it also reduces our chances of becoming fit.

3. Lifestyle

You must have heard the poem,
“Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”

This kindergarten poem can teach us a very good lesson, according to surveys, people who sleep late at night and get up late in the afternoon tend to gain more fat as compared to people following a healthy diet.

Many people have this misconception that losing weight needs a complex diet plan, but it is absolutely wrong as we have found one very simple diet plan which can make you lose 24 pounds within two weeks.

The diet plan consists of the usage of boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Sounds easy right? This diet accelerates your metabolism and is really helpful in burning fats.

All you need to do is follow the diet and do a few exercises.

1st Day:

∙ Breakfast: Take 2 boiled eggs along with a citric fruit.
∙ Lunch: you must have 2 slices of bread and some fruits.
∙ Dinner: Take a bowl of salad and chicken for your dinner.

2nd Day:

∙ Breakfast: the breakfast should be the same as the first day
∙ Lunch: include some green vegetables your lunch today, along with salad and chicken.
∙ Dinner; the menu for today is, 2 boiled eggs along with 1 orange and some vegetables

3rd day:

∙ Breakfast: the breakfast remains the same.
∙ Lunch: today, you will be having a slice of bread, low-fat cheese, and one tomato.
∙ Dinner: chicken and salad

4th Day:

∙ Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and a citric fruit just like the other days.
∙ Lunch: you should only have fruits today.
∙ Dinner: chicken along with some salad.

5th day:

∙ Breakfast: the breakfast remains the same as other days
∙ Lunch: steamed vegetables along with 2 eggs
∙ Dinner: you can some fish along with a bowl of salad

6th day:

∙ Breakfast: 2 eggs and one citric fruit
∙ Lunch: only fruits
∙ Dinner: you can take some vegetables and chicken

7th day:

∙ Breakfast: the breakfast remains the same as the other days.
∙ Lunch: take a bowl of tomato salad along with some chicken and steamed veggies.
∙ Dinner: take a bowl of steamed vegetables

After successful completion for the egg diet for losing 24 pounds, let us start with the second week:

8th Day:

∙ Breakfast: now we will just have two eggs daily as breakfast.
∙ Lunch: lunch should comprise of salad and chicken
∙ Dinner: orange along with a bowl of salad and 2 eggs.

9th Day:

∙ Breakfast: two boiled eggs
∙ Lunch: time for some steamed vegetables and eggs
∙ Dinner: barbecued fish and a bowl of salad.

10th Day:

∙ Breakfast: 2 eggs along with fruits
∙ Lunch: cook some chicken along with a bowl of salad
∙ Dinner: orange and a bowl of salad

11th Day:

∙ Breakfast: same as before, 2 eggs and some fruits
∙ Lunch: you can have some low-fat cheese along with steamed vegetable and 2 eggs
∙ Dinner: steamed chicken along with a bowl of salad

12th day:

∙ Breakfast: breakfast will be the same as the other days, 2 eggs along with some fruits
∙ Lunch: you can have a tuna salad
∙ Dinner: take 2 eggs along with some salad

13th Day:

∙ Breakfast: two boiled eggs and some fruits
∙ Lunch: Cooked chicken and a bowl of salad
∙ Dinner: have dinner made up of fruits

14th Day:

∙ Breakfast: the same as other days take 2 eggs
∙ Lunch and Dinner: take some steamed vegetables along with chicken

The above diet is low on carbohydrates, thus it will be better if you consult your doctor before you start with this diet.

However, it is one of the easiest and the most beneficial diet for losing 24 pounds within 2 weeks.

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