15 Lazy Girl Outfit Ideas For When You Hate Everything You Own

Lazy Girl Outfit

2020 has not only changed our minds but also had a diverse impact on the fashion industry.

From many WFH ideas to attending conference/ meeting calls from your bed, there are many situations that have made us as adults lazier.

Now, stepping out of your house after an almost year-long pandemic might make you lazier to dress well.

However, there are many fashion bloggers and designers that have come up with simple ideas to change your outfit ideas with what you have in your closet.

I’m sure you might have an array of clothes hanging in your cupboard that you dreamt of wearing but couldn’t because of quarantine.

Here are a few simple and easy lazy girl outfit ideas to go for when hate everything you own.

Apart from that, you can change the way you look and dress with only a handful of changes or additions.

1) Add on a denim jacket:

Pair up your simple jeans and a white shirt with a denim jacket. This will not only make you look a little more stylish but also change your regular style to a lot of extents.

Who does not like denim jackets? So why wait? Add on a denim jacket when you are lazy and hate everything you own.
2) Leather jacket:

Have a leather jacket but couldn’t wear it yet? Here is how you style your leather jackets and go with the trend. You will be delighted to know that

Leather jackets and thin strappy sandals are both major trends as of now.

In fact, you can pair these two wardrobe essentials together in certain outfits to create a unique and trendy look.

3) Single or same patterned outfits:

You can go for a few same patterned outfits. The same patterned outfits are currently trending and look incredibly stylish.

Forget the monochrome colors and typical outfit, just go with the same patterned outfits if you want to try something different.

4) Floral-printed skirts:

If you did not know that printed floral skirts are in trend, then you are living under a rock. Plain tank tops, specifically white and printed skirts look enchanting.

This new trend is very easy to go with and stylish as well as comfortable. So if you always wanted to wear floral skirts, then this is the right season.

5) Lightweight sweaters:

I understand when you hate everything you own and are too lazy to go for something stylish. But here is a simple tip- throw on a lightweight sweater or a simple hoodie on your bralette and jeans.

This will suit every informal occasion and make you look stylish as well as comfortable.

6) Sweatpants:

If you are like me who prefers comfort over fashion, then this easy outfit idea is just for you. Wear sweatpants, a simple tank top or a shirt, and pair it up with a cardigan.

You are going to turn heads and be ready to receive at least 100 compliments every day.

7) Track shorts and Tanktops:

If you are lazy and have to go somewhere in a hurry, then wear a track short long with button-down layered top. You can pair it up with tank tops along with a cardigan for the warmer days. This is comfortable as well as stylish.

8) Lace-up tops:

Lace-up tops are the newest trends and an eye-catching wardrobe essential.

If you don’t own a lace-up top, you are probably missing out on one of the biggest current fashion trends.

These tops add intrigue and interest to any basic look. You can combine a fitted lace-up top with a gorgeous high-waisted cloth skirt.

Here are some simple yet easy outfit ideas:

· Go for cut-off jeans with platform shoes.
· Consider pairing your flat sandals with cut-offs and an oversized top.
· For something unique, go for ruffled sandals or loose, sleeved blouse.
· Pair up a collared button-down shirt with a black miniskirt.
· For a casual look- T-shirt with a sleek denim mini skirt
· For a stylish chic look, go with an oversize blazer with long Bermuda shorts.
· Relaxed jeans with an easy tank and jacket.
· A graphic tee, dress it up with a simple blazer.
So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and become one of the MOST STYLISH PEOPLE IN 2020.

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