16 Beautiful And Easy Nail Art Ideas To Try

Nail arts

Being a woman, it comes naturally to groom oneself and be spot on with the trends. For this, you do whatever you can – from choosing outfits in vogue to styling your nails. If you want to add extra charm to your personality, you need to unveil the benefits of nail art. When it comes to fashion, the importance of nail art can’t be ignored. Are you planning to achieve a new look? If yes, then you must try a few nail art ideas. So, let’s have a detailed look at 16 beautiful and easy nail art ideas to try today.

1 – Geometrical Nails

It is certainly a great choice for college-going girls. If you want to have crazy nail art, you need to go with geometrical nails. This art is very unique and stands out well.

2 – Shattered Glass Nails for Fashionable Women

Being a fashion conscious woman, you would always like to try something new. If this is the case, you must go with shattered glass nails. It is considered among the best nail art ideas.

3 – Make Gradient Nails

If you want to give a distinct appearance to your nails, you must try gradient nails. Yes, by making gradient nails, you can easily be able to steal all the glamour in a party.

4 – Lightning Nails Do Wonder!

Yes, if you want to get rid of old-fashioned nail art ideas, you need to try this unique nail art idea. You can simply make lightning nails to achieve an attractive look for your hands.

5 – Bow Nails for Extra Cuteness

Are you a cute girl? If yes, then you must try cute bow nails. This type of nail design can help you accomplish a new avatar.

6 – Kaboon Nails

You may probably not have heard a lot about this design, but it is certainly a great choice for fashionable women.

7 – Lace Nails for a Pretty Look

Obviously, you would always like to be called a pretty girl. Thus, you need to try pretty lace nails. It is certainly one of the best nail art ideas that you should try today.

8 – Ombre Nails

Try ombre nails to make your look better than ever before.

9 – Create Single Dot Magic

By trying single dot nail art, you can easily make your hands look prettier than ever before.

10 – Splattered Nails

Splattered nails or Pollock’s nails can be a great choice for women who are looking for something unique out of plenty of new nail art designs.

11 – Dotted Row Nails for a Perfect Look

Achieving perfection is the dream of every lady. You aren’t supposed to be an exception. Try dotted row nails to achieve the same.

12 – Try Polka Dotted

If you want to enjoy transported back, you need to try polka dotted nails.

13 – Triangle Nails

If you love colors, triangle nails can be the right design for you.

14 – Sharpie Nails

Do you want to create different types of designs? If so, then sharpie nails can be the right choice.

15 – Aztec Nails for Modern Girls

Try Aztec nails to unveil something more lovely than ever before.

16 Puzzle Nail Design

Try this design if you want to be a distinct-looking girl.

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