Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Breast Hurts


Breasts can be very confusing. They become sensitive and sore during the menstrual cycle and give us nightmares.

However, there is nothing to worry about breast pain.

The pain is common amongst women and can be due to several factors.

Women in reproductive experience breast pain more than older women. If you are experiencing breast pain even though you just turned 20, don’t worry!

It is all good.

Many women get confused and extremely worried when the pain does not go away. You can experience breast pain at any age irrespective of your age and health.

Here are 5 common reasons why breast hurt:

1) Breasts cysts:

Sounds strange, isn’t it? However, breast cysts are true. They are not like any other cyst. Some women have a higher risk of developing painful breast conditions than others due to some changes.

These changes include the milk duct or gland changes that are more likely to result in the formation of breast cysts. As scary might breasts cyst sound, there is nothing to be worried about.

Breast cysts are nothing but like a lump in the breast. They are fluid-filled sacs that can be both, soft or firm. These cysts increase in size during the menstrual cycle and go back to normal when you reach menopause.

2) Costochondritis:
Considered to be one of the common reasons and affecting women in their 40s, costochondritis is not to be missed out on.

Costochondritis, or costosternal syndrome, is nothing but an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs and the breastbone.

It is more likely to occur with arthritis that is the pain in the neck or upper back can also lead to ache and numbness in the chest.

As known, the condition may not be related to the breast, but it can cause pain that is usually termed as breast pain.

Consult your doctor for more!

3) Fibrocystic breast changes:

Another common reason you might experience breast pain is due to fibrocystic breast changes. Fibrocystic breast changes can cause one or both breasts to become lumpy, tender, and swollen.

This happens due to the buildup of fluid-filled cysts along with fibrous tissue. This can also lead to nipple discharge.

Fibrocystic breast condition is common and is highly observed in women aged between their 20s and 50s.

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