Five Hairstyles Perfect For This Holiday Season

Five Hairstyles

The holiday season is just around the corner and so is our excitement. With everyone geared up with the festive season, every woman wants to look trendy and in style. Right from the outfits, to the makeup. Everything needs to be spot on. But have you ever wondered what catches anyone’s eyes when they first see you? It’s your hairdo. Yes. Your hair style can either make or break your look. So here we present you five easy, trendy hairstyles perfect for this holiday season.

1. Wavy Bob
One of the simplest yet stylish hairstyles is a Bob. Add a touch of style to it, by keeping it wavy. This particularly suits shoulder-length hair and a person with a round or oval face. This can be transformed into a party look by just accentuating it with a glittering broach on the side, and you are good to go.
2. The Braid 
Taking us back to our school days when braids were mandatory and us always finding a way to rebel it, a messy braid is a perfect chic we’ve been trying to achieve. Whether you have a layered hair cut or short hair, add a short braid for that hard-working-gal look and you’re ready to step out!
3. Wrap Around ponytail
When you feel like you’re stuck with your hair, repeating the same boring hairstyle over and over again, you can just add a simple twist to it to completely transform its look. For example, you can add a chic little twist to your same old
ponytails by wrapping a section of hair around its base to hide the hair elastic from view.
4. Half ponytail
 Bored of a normal pony? Try half ponytail.A simple and easy look, you can even braid these or tie them in a small bun, for your numerous plans. Keeps the hair off your face during work and yet adds a feminine touch to your look, you can add fancy clips for an attractive accessory!
5. Messy Ponytail
Short of time on hand? Can’t find curling comb or brush? Just spray some hair spray, bend down, collect all the hair in a hair elastic, and you are ready to go. Messy pony can never go wrong and can easily blend in with any casual look irrespective of the time of the day.

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