Halloween Costumes For Teenage Girls Trending In 2020

halloween costumes for teenage girls

Ready for trick o treating? Halloween is fast approaching and it is that time of the year where you attend some incredible Halloween parties; that is going to leave you with some amazing time to remember in the future.

Halloween is the time of the year when children, teens, and even adults are pretty excited about it. Nonetheless,

we cannot forget to mention that it is the Halloween year that gives you some crazy memories to remember for life.

If you are searching for some DIY simple yet creative trendy Halloween costumes for teenage girls, then continue reading. The trends change and the Halloween costumes get creative as each year passes by.

We have selected some cut, trendy and creative costumes for teenage girls that will turn heads.

Here are a few costumes that you must not consider missing out this Halloween:

1) The DIY cat costume:

The cat costume is one of the easiest and trendiest Halloween costumes you can go for. If you are quirky, a happy go lucky person, and energetic, then this costume is perfect for you.

All you have to is wear all-black clothes and add on a black tutu. Add some accessories like the tail and a hairband with cat ears; you will be ready to go!

2)  Mad hatter costume:

The mad hatter costume can make you look cute, creative, and trendy at the same time. You can find the costume online and pre-order it. The costume comes with accessories and will make you look incredible.

This fictional villain costume is not only perfect for the current season but will also, turn heads!

3) The ‘Stranger Things’ Dustin Henderson Costume:

If you want to go with something diverse then this the costume is just perfect for you.

Designed and curated for the ‘stranger things’ fanatics, then the Dustin Henderson costume is another creative and a DIY costume you must not miss out on.

4) Zatanna:

Can we just acknowledge together that Zatanna, the magician, and the superhero- is one of the most underrated characters in the DC comic series? It is! She deserves so much more acknowledgment than she usually gets.

So if you are a DC fanatic, then this costume might just be the one for you! If you have a black blazer and a white blouse, you are already ready to adorn this incredible costume!

5) The snow-white costume:

If Disney has always been your favorite, and are interested to portray Disney princesses in the modern daylight; then you must go for it!

THE SNOW-WHITE COSTUMES have gone through a lot of alterations and have been revised/approved more than 3 times in a decade.
So you can order one online and wear it without any second thoughts.
6) Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume:

You can never go wrong with portraying a villain Halloween costumes and add your own spark along. All you need are some leggings, gloves, and crowns, and some white shoes to pair the entire dress perfectly with.


The star wars costumes can never go out of fashion especially for Halloween. You can buy or rent the entire costume online and turn heads with the same.

Here are a few other Halloween costumes for teenage girls you can try:

  • Unicorn Onesie Costume
  • The Supergirl costume
  • Piñata Costume
  • Female Luigi Costume
  • Eleven from Stranger Things
  • Tinker Bell Costume
  • DIY Pineapple Costume
  • DIY Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Cotton Candy Costume

That’s it! I hope this helped you in curating costumes and coming up with some trendy Halloween costumes in 2020.

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