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Curtain Bangs For Long Hair, Medium Hair, Short Hairstyle Trends 2020

Curtain Bangs

The hairstyle trend alert is here! 2020 has been pretty surprising and so it has been for the fashion industry.

People have really become creative in this pandemic and have come up with some amazing trends in almost every sector. One such trend is the ‘Curtain Bangs’ hairstyle.

These hairstyles are just in and are considered to be one of the best latest hairstyles you can go for in 2020.

The curtain bangs were popular during the 1970s and are currently back in style.

These are nothing but bangs that are parted down the middle, also framing your face perfectly on each side.

They are usually longer on the sides and have wispy ends that end up giving them a laidback along with a really cool-girl vibe. Having Bangs is absolutely your wish and it is up to you to choose the hairstyle you want to go for.

They can look amazing on any length of hair irrespective of it being long, short, and medium. However, these really look gorgeous on people who have round and square faces.

Having curtain bangs if you have a round or a square face, then you can go for adorning a curtain bangs look without any second thoughts.

Apart from the length of your hair, they work best on those who have medium-thick hair.

If you are used to other types of bangs like the blunt bangs or the wispy bangs, you might have a difficult time maintaining curtain bangs as it requires constant styling.

While the blunt bangs and wispy bangs can work as well as look incredible with even zero amount of styling.

But as mentioned above, the curtain bangs are parted in the middle, you will have to train yourself to maintain a specific shape as well as get used to the middle parting.

This means you will have to be comfortable with constant heat styling and using different products that will help in giving your bangs a quirky bounce.

How do you style curtain bangs?

To style, the classic curtain bangs, get your hair wet and then towel-dry them like the usual. Spritz them with a suitable leave-in conditioner or go with a suitable hair serum.

Now, use a round brush and blow-dry your bangs; blow them up and away from your face. This will give them a wavy and cool look. Drying and styling them this way will give these bangs some needed bounce.

Once you dry your curtain bangs completely, consider parting them down towards the middle or off to the side and then set it with a hair spray!

Is it only me or you too want to rush towards the mirror with a scissor already and have some amazing curtain bangs all by yourself?

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