Fab Trends to Look Forward in 2020


Most of us believe that staying fashionable and stylish makes us more confident, and naturally so, staying updated with the latest fashion trends is what most of us prefer as that is the first thing people observe about us instantly. fashion and trends related to it are dynamic and keep changing over time. every year the trends keep on changing and thus we need to be abreast of the upcoming fashion trends to make ourselves look more presentable. Here we present you the most fab 5 fashion trends that will give you an edge over others.

1. Prints

Prints have always been in fashion, be it in one form or the other. But 2020 would be all bout animal prints, as many fashion gurus believe it to be. Considering fashion supremos like Zara also launching their prints range, this trend surely looks promising

2. Suitings

Ever thought suitings can add an oomph to your wardrobe? The boring looking apparel can add a zing to your style if paired the right way with a skirt of appropriate length. This can accentuate the style factor, therefore, making suiting the most surprising upcoming trend of 2020.

3. Leather

Leather has been the most versatile accessory used in fashion since time immemorial. It can be included in your wardrobe in many ways than one. You can team up a leather jacket with any of your outfits, or add a zing to your overall look by either carrying a leather bag or pairing your denim with a stylish leather belt, to give you an offbeat look.


Yes! You heard that right. Feathers are just not reserved for celebrities and many of us can also add a certain kind of feathers apparel in our wardrobe for that one party night, where you want to make heads turn. Thankfully, brands like Zara and Michael Kors have made it achievable.

5.The skirt on pants

The skirt can really be a boring thing to wear at times. Pairing it with a pant underneath can be a total game-changer. It not only adds a funky look to the overall appearance but also makes you look taller.

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