What Does the Shape of Your Navel Say about Your Health?

Navel Shapes And Health

We often stare at our bodies in the mirror and I’m sure there are several thoughts that cross your mind, while you give your body some glares. But have you ever wondered the shape of your navel?

Does it not intrigue you how you can have a random belly button in between your body? Why does it have a specific location? Why not back or towards the upper abdomen? Does everyone have the same shape and size?

At least these are the few questions I used to have when I examined my navel.

The shape of a belly button varies from person to person.

It depends on several factors and said to disclose a lot of secrets about your health.

Your navel is nothing but a representation of where your umbilical cord is present.

The umbilical cord helps in carrying the nutrients from the mother to the child. However, after the baby is born, there is no need for the umbilical cord. Hence, it is removed and the body closes the navel by different methods.

Therefore, our navel can be of different shapes and sizes. It does not matter who you are or what your ethnicity; belly buttons can really be diverse.

Moreover, there is a high possibility of your navel consisting lot of bacteria that can be of different types.

As we know, bacteria have constantly played an important role with regard to our overall health. This has lead to scientists collecting almost 500 samples of belly buttons and studying them.

After the study was conducted, the final results displayed a presence of different bacteria such as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.

There are 5 types of navel classified based on their shape, and size:

1) The little bulge:

This navel has a slight bulge and is considered to be one of the most common types of belly buttons. People with this type of the bellybutton is said to be more prone to contracting common cold, flu, and other similar diseases.

2) Almond shape:

The almond shape navel can be really attractive. However, there are some cons to have an almond-shaped belly button.

People with a belly button that is almond-shaped are a lot more prone to having migraines and bone weaknesses. That does not sound quite attractive!

3) Tucked navel:

These types of navel or belly buttons are common in people who are overweight. Apart from these, people with tucked navel are more prone to weight issues and digestive problems.

4) Bulged navel:

If you lift a lot of weight or practice a lot more exercise than usual, then you are more likely to have a bulged navel.

People with highly bulged navel can lead to a hernia. A hernia is nothing but when your organ is pushed out of the muscle and that causes disruption.

5) Tucked with U form:

This type of navel is said to be the most beautiful or attractive one. The tucked U form has some cons to it as people with the same are more prone towards kidney and liver diseases.


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