7 Healing Herbs for Cold and Flu

7 Healing Herbs for Cold and Flu

Herbs for Cold and Flu – Cold and flu are some of most common diseases that are caused by a virus. These viral diseases are mostly seasonal and spread by droplet nuclei (through sneezing).

Studies also show that there are not many antiviral drugs for these diseases as they tend to caused by different kinds of viruses each time. However, experts and doctors do recommend some anti-viral/medicinal herbs that will help in getting rid of these diseases.

These herbs are proved to be more beneficial than drugs/ medicines. Moreover, many viral diseases do not have a cure for the reason that virus tend to their shape and function often.

It is recommended by the WHO to use natural herbs or ingredients to cure these common antiviral diseases than going to a doctor. Consuming a lot of medicines makes the viruses and bacteria more resistant and hence the drugs stop working on them.

So there is no valid reason you must go for the medicines instead of trying these herbs. You can visit a doctor if the flu is accompanied by high fever, body pain, and fatigue. Otherwise, it is best recommended to treat your cold at home.

Here are some Healing Herbs for Cold and Flu:

1)  Basil Seeds:

Basil seeds are one of the best antiviral herbs that will help you get rid of the cold and flu. These seeds are of different types and are also known as ‘holy tulsi’. It is said that these herbs help in boosting immunity by increasing the number of immune cells to a great extent.

2)  Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are an amazing anti-viral agent that enhances your immunity and fights several respiratory infections. Fennel seeds are one the herb that can cure the flu and cold effectively. These seeds also work wonders against herpes and influenza viruses.

3)  Garlic

Yes! Garlic is a medicinal herb too. It helps in boosting your immunity and increases your immune cells. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds. Having garlic in your daily diet can fight flu and cold effectively.

4)  Oregano:

Oregano is a miracle cure when it comes to viral diseases. Just add oregano in your daily diet and stay away from viral diseases. This herb helps your body in fighting the viruses and boosts your overall immunity.

5)  Rosemary:

Rosemary is a popular medicinal herb that not only cures viral diseases but also has other health benefits. Rosemary can be mixed with your regular tea and taken twice to be effective. It helps in boosting your immunity as well as disguises as an incredible anti-viral agent.

6)  Ginger:

You might have already heard about the health benefits of consuming ginger. Ginger can be consumed with your regular tea like ginger tea. This will not only cure your flu but also relax your mind. This herb can be used in your daily recipes too!

7)  Sage:

Sage is a widely used medicinal herb that works as a wonderful anti-viral agent. It not only boosts your immunity but also helps in fighting viruses like HIV. Therefore, it works no less than a miracle cure for cold and flu.

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