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Top 5- Types of Facial Massage You Must Try

facial massage

Facial massages are often ignored or are highly underestimated by many people.

You might be surprised to know that a simple facial massage can make your face look at least 10x better than practicing all your skincare routines combined.

Yes! You heard that right, facial massages have a wide range of benefits; and undeniably some of them are absolutely unheard.

A good facial massage will not only relax your mind but also help the muscles of your face to stretch and become stronger. Facial massage will tighten your skin, prevent any kind of sagging or aging, and also reduce puffiness.

On the days you are in a hurry and cannot follow up with a skincare routine, then consider picking up your favorite serum and massage your facial for a few minutes.

This will help your skin feel rejuvenated like never before, make it glow, and reduce any kind of puffiness.

Just like the muscles of your body need constant activity to stay in shape and healthy; similarly, the muscles of your face need a good massage to become stronger.

A facial massage can be of several types depending upon time, technique, and goal.

Here are some of the best facial massages you cannot afford to miss out on:

1) The 2-minute massage:

This massage is specifically designed for the days where you are in a hurry and have almost no time for skincare. The 2-minute massage is easy and one of the simplest ones you can go for when you are lazy.

Massage your face with your index fingers with your favorite oil or toner or even serum. Massage your cheeks and go for the forehead slowly. You can leave it on your face or wash it off after a minute.

This will make your skin look fresh and reduce puffiness to a lot of extents.
2) The deep cleanse massage:

The deep cleanse massage can last for 8-10 minutes.

It is one of the best facial massages to go for improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles, glowing, and tightened skin.

Use your two index fingers and apply the cleansing oil of your choice onto your skin. Now, massage the oil on your face with your fingers in circular motions that begin on your forehead, moving towards your cheeks.

Gently massage thoroughly around your eyes for a minute and then go for your nose, jawline, and neck.

3) The lift massage:

The lift massage requires massage tools. It is designed for improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles, and to tighten your skin. This facial massage can prevent your skin from sagging or aging early.

Use the massage tool with your favorite oil or serum and then begin by stroking it in different directions. Glide it along your face and it will find its way to your contours that are nothing your cheeks and jawline.


The gankin massage was designed in Japan and is an effective way of keeping your health in the Japanese beauty industry. This massage is specifically designed to tighten your skin, prevent sagging, and reduce swelling/stiffness.

The stiffness of your face indicates that your lymph flow is not efficient enough. This inefficient lymph flow wills preventing all the toxins from being drained which leads to a swollen or sagging skin.

This massage involves applying pressure on your face that will not only relax your muscles but also improve lymphatic flow along with better blood circulation.

5) The ice cube massage:

Massaging or rubbing your face with simple ice cubes can really make your skin look refreshed. However, here is a facial massage you should not miss out on if you are aware of the benefits of rubbing ice cubes on your face.

The sheet masks can be incredibly amazing and make your skin glow like never before. All you have to do is apply a sheet mask on your face and then rub ice cubes over the mask.

This will help in improving blood circulation, reduce puffiness, get rid of swollen or sagging skin by giving you a rejuvenated look!

So what are you waiting for? Try these facial massages and let us know if you loved the results.

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