Here Are 10 Signs You Are Gaining Weight Because Of Too Much Estrogen!

Signs Of Higher Estrogen Levels

It is important to have a hormonal balance to keep your body healthy and even keep your mind calm.

Hormonal imbalance leads to many harmful results; such as abnormal weight gain, reproductive problems, infertility, hormonal disorders, acne, and even hair loss.

There are two female hormones that highly responsible for a healthy body and a fit reproductive system.

Estrogen is considered to be the primary female hormone that is responsible for the healthy regulation of your reproductive system and defining gender characteristics.

Estrogen is responsible for the growth of the breasts, and the healthy regulation of the menstrual cycle.

It is very important to control and maintain the levels of estrogen as a higher level of estrogen can cause cancer amongst women.

Here are 10 signs of higher estrogen levels in your body:

1) Tender breasts:

This is said to be one of the primary indicators of high levels of estrogen. Your breasts can become lumpy and even have cysts that will make your breasts painful or very tender to touch.


You will observe some abnormal weight gain. Abnormal weight gain can be one of the main indicators of a higher level of estrogen in your body. Look at unusual weight gain and consult a doctor if you see other indicators along.

3) Irregular period:

Irregular periods are common in women who have high estrogen levels. If you miss your periods for more than 2 months, then consult a doctor and keep your hormonal levels in check.

4) Mood swings:

Women who have high estrogen levels tend to have a lot more mood swings. However, if you experience unusual mood swings along with weight gain or irregular periods; then you are more likely to have higher levels of estrogen.


Apart from the usual indicators of high estrogen levels, hair loss is said to be one of the common symptoms of high estrogen levels.

6) Your period can be heavier:
Higher estrogen levels lead to a heavier period. This is because the hormone is responsible for the extensive lining of your uterus.

Therefore, this makes your period a lot heavier than usual.

7) Migraines:

You are more likely to experience migraines or headaches if you have higher levels of estrogen. The hormone levels in our body play an important role in headaches.

Fluctuations in estrogen levels are one reason why you could be getting headaches very often.

8) Trouble sleeping:

If you have high estrogen levels, then you are more likely to have insomnia and trouble sleeping often. Trouble sleeping is a common factor that dictates hormonal levels or imbalance to a lot of extents.

9) Exhaustion:

Your hormones can affect your metabolism to a lot of extents. You can become less active or become a little weaker than before. You can become exhausted easily and that indicates a higher level of estrogen.

10) Your hands and feet are cold:

If you observe that your feet and hands are becoming colder than usual. Then, this is the primary signs of higher estrogen levels.

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