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12 Natural Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer-Amidst Lockdown

Stay Healthy This Summer

As the newspapers and the media report the soaring cases of covid-19 across the country,dont worry we have  tips to Stay Healthy This Summer most of us are under severe lockdown and are probably idle for a long time now. Many of us either binge-watch Netflix while snacking on all those saved quarantine food or scroll through memes for the rest of the day. However, there are high chances of this lockdown taking charge over our summer.

Here are tips to Stay Healthy This Summer:

Doing yoga on a regular basis is the best way to stay both physically and mentally healthy. Yoga is nothing but meditation that will calm your mind, release stress, and reduce the risk of heart diseases, hypertension, and even diabetes. If practiced regularly yoga also helps in losing weight and process a relaxed immune response.

Eat Healthily:

It is a well-known fact that eating healthy plays a primary role in keeping you both, physically and mentally fit. It is important for us to keep an eye on what kind of food we consume on a daily basis. Every time the new cells are produced, they are formed from the sources of what you’ve consumed in the past few days. What we eat basically defines us both,  mentally and physically.  Therefore, having a balanced diet is more important than hitting the gym. Eat at least one kind of fruit every day and one healthy meal per day that is loaded with several vegetables.

Natural Snacks:

There are several snacks or food items that boost your immune system, maintain your hormonal levels, reduce the risk of several heart diseases, cancer, treat many disorders like diabetes and help you maintain a healthy body. Such snacks are dry fruits (almonds, walnuts, pista, and cashews), chia seeds, flax seeds, black seeds, fenugreek seeds, dates, dark chocolate, yogurt, fruit juices, and green tea. Even having any 3 of these in your daily diet can make a huge difference.


You don’t always have to head towards the gym to stay healthy. There are several exercises you can do at home to stay healthy. Exercises such as the plank exercises, jump plunges, shoulder taps, squats, and skipping can be done daily to keep your body fit even during a lockdown. It takes 30-45 minutes to do these simple exercises. Simple, isn’t it?

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water after repeated intervals is important. Most of the teens are diagnosed with multiple disorders and health issues due to lack of hydration. Especially summers, the soaring heat will make you weak and even end in stroke if one does not have enough amount of water.


The probiotics such as Yoghurt and kimchi are the sources of good bacteria. These good bacteria improve your immune response and help in proper digestion. These are tasty as well as a healthier option that must be included in your diet.

Avoid Inflammatory food:

Having excess inflammatory food can cause your stomach to swell. As a result, the immune response is generated against the inflammation. Inflammatory food items include Trans-fat, Gluten, Preservatives, and additives.

Avoid excess of alcohol and caffeine intake:

Anything in excess can have a severe negative effect on your body. Alcohol and caffeine are such examples. Excess of both has harmful consequences on the liver, kidney, hormones and reproductive system respectively. Make your intake is moderate and controlled.

Have a good sleep:

Having a proper sleeping routine is one of the most things to keep your body healthy. Having a perfect sleeping pattern is a highly underrated way to stay fit. Sleeping well gives your mind rest and allows your organs to detoxify your body thoroughly. Make sure you sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day.

Practice Intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is nothing but the cycle of letting your body fast in between several intervals. Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight, reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases, detoxification of your body, lower the risk of cancer and several other disorders.

Other simple ways to stay healthy include, cutting out excess of sugar, reading a book that relaxes your mind, add some spices to your food such as garlic and ginger, include turmeric, honey, and lemon + warm water in your diet.

Being healthy is easier than expected! so follow these Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer !


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