Seven Popular Ways Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

                           It’s 2020 and the most popular way of being fit for Gen-Z is Intermittent Fasting. I’m sure you’ve heard this term before and have been wondering if you could try it too.

But what is Intermittent Fasting?

It is defined as the varying periods or cycles of voluntary fasting i.e, having meals at different times with at least a gap of 15-24 hours. One does not have to necessarily starve for 24 hours, having a reduced calorie intake in a day (500-600 calories) with long intervals is also considered as Intermittent Fasting.

What are the possible benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

According to the American Heart Association, Intermittent Fasting can aid in Weight loss, Hypertension, Inflammation, lower the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, solve hormonal disorders like Thyroid issues, PCOS, boost metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, and help in efficient cell repair.
It is also said that Intermittent fasting can increase your life span and uplift your mood by active metabolism.
So if you’re thinking to try this widely acknowledged phenomenon, here are 7 popular ways of Intermittent Fasting you can do :

1) Alternate Day Fasting : 

Alternate Day Fasting is fasting on alternate days of the week for 24 hours. This 24-hour fasting method is considered to be the strictest way of Intermittent Fasting as the individual is not allowed to anything for a complete 24 hours. For example; if you have your breakfast on Monday and then consider fasting, you are not supposed to eat anything until Tuesday morning.

2) Modified Alternate Day Fasting :

This is the modified form of Alternate-Day Fasting. Also called Partial Intermittent Fasting, this method involves having a reduced intake of calories i.e., one can have only 25% of the daily calorie intake which is having approximately 500-600 calories per day.

3) Periodic Fasting :

Periodic Fasting is one of the most popular and easier ways of Intermittent Fasting. It involves fasting for more than 24 hours but for two-three days a week. Also called a 5:2 diet, in this method consumption of only 25 % of daily calorie intake is allowed.

4) Time-Restricted Fasting :

This method is popular among Millenials and involves having reduced-calorie meals at long intervals of time. In this method, you are allowed to eat only at a certain number of hours each day. For example; you can fast for 16 hours and have your meals for the rest for 8 hours. Also called a 16:8 diet, it is said to be beneficial for the heart and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5) The Warrior Diet :

The Warrior diet involves fasting for more than 24 hours a day i.e., up to 30 hours and then having a huge meal at night. You can have 20-25% of daily calorie intake throughout the day and then have a feast complete meal at night. This is a popularised way of staying healthy and fit amongst athletes.

6) Skipping Meals Mode :

Skipping means method involves letting go of your meals in a day. You need not follow a strict regime of Intermittent fasting to lose weight or be healthy, you can skip meals when you are not hungry or feel lazy to cook. It’s perfectly fine to skip meals and the human body can cope with such fasting intervals by breaking down fat.

7) The 12 Hour Fast :

The perfect beginner’s guide to Intermittent Fasting begins with the “12-hour fasting” method. The modern era has seen the new generation making eating at midnight a trend. Most of us have revolutionized eating at the wrong times of the day. Therefore, This method involves complete fasting or most probably not eating anything for 12 hours. A complete fast without a solid food item for 12 hours is the easiest way to break down that fat and get a healthy body. This is the best way to fast for a beginner.
Besides, Intermittent Fasting is not only subjected to fasting and refraining from food for long periods of time but also works if you eat healthily. It doesn’t prove to be effective if you fast for a 24 hour period and then have a huge feast junk meal at the end. Eating fruits, vegetables along and working out can make Intermittent fasting a lot more effective.
I hope these perfect beginners guide for you guys to do Intermittent Fasting!

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