Preventive Measures to Be Taken To Avoid Getting Infected by the Coronavirus


Avoid Getting Infected by the Coronavirus India is soaring all-time high covid-19 cases with at least dozens of new cases being registered every day.

Here are some simple preventive measures you should follow to Avoid Getting Infected by the Coronavirus:

Maintain hygiene:

The virus has the capability to survive on plastic, metal surfaces and even on paper. You’re likely to get infected if you do not wash your hands at regular intervals. One must keep their surroundings clean to avoid any kind of transmission

Stay indoors:

Indeed, it is difficult to stay at home for days but to save yourself and yourself, you should stay at home no matter what. Leave your house only in need of any essentials or emergency. However, the strict lockdown has been imposed in several countries to prevent transmission.

Avoid touching your face:

Do not touch your face frequently especially if you’re outside.

Wear gloves and mask;

Wear masks along with disposable or washable gloves whenever you leave your house.

Avoid junk:

Stay away from junk and stop yourself from ordering your favorite dish on zomato. Not only can it be harmful to you and your family but also for the ones who deliver food to your house.

Boost your immune system:

Eat food items that boost your immunity. Include garlic, ginger, turmeric, dates and citrus fruits in your diet.

Moreover, ask your elders to stay indoors and strictly encourage people to follow the lockdown rules.

Wash your face at regular intervals as you sanitize your hands.

“Do not panic or spread fake or unconfirmed information regarding the pandemic”. The news which should be shared has to be approved by WHO or the Central government.

Spread the right information and make sure you make people aware of COVID-19.

You have one chance to save your country just by staying indoors and hence, behave like literates.

Follow up on updates and developments on the pandemic on the official website or social media page of WHO.

In conclusion, Let’s contribute toward saving the world by being a responsible citizen.

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