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The 1 Month Bridal Skincare Routine and Tips For a Gorgeous Skin!

The 1 Month Bridal Skincare Routine and Tips For a Gorgeous Skin

Wedding is just a month away and worried about how you can look your best ? Confused about what can you do to make your skin glow and shine on your D-Day? We’re here to your rescue!

Indeed, a wedding is the most beautiful and awaited event of a woman’s life. Especially when it is her own wedding, she is pressurized, confused, and worried about giving her D-Day the best she can. One such important thing to focus on apart from your groom and the gorgeous dress is THE SKIN! None of us can afford to have a pimple on our D-Day, duh!?

So here are a few simple yet amazing skincare routine tips and procedures, you can try on to enhance the texture and glow of your skin for your day!

1) Drink Water:

Yes, Drink tons of it. Water is important to help your body flush out the toxins and give your skin a rejuvenated look. So there’s no compromising on the amount of water that has to be taken on a daily basis for the amazing glow. Make sure you drink at least 3-5 liters of water every day and eat healthily. Healthy food and loads of water do show up on your body along with your skin!

2) Healthy Diet for Bridal Skincare:

Most of the texture and finish of our skin depends on the type of food we eat. So the experts recommend that it is important for the bride to have a healthy diet before her wedding. So plan your diet with the help of a nutritionist and go for the healthiest options. Include all the pulses, vegetables, fruits, and the detox-green juices in your diet. Make sure you avoid soft drinks, coffee, tea, and junk at least 2 months prior to your wedding. This will keep your skin hydrated and enhance the glow.

3) Flush The Stress:

Brides go through major anxiety and stress issues for their D-day. A lot of stress will lead to hormonal imbalances that will eventually have an effect on your skin and body. I’m sure we don’t want our skin to be affected by the stress and result in acne or zits? So stop taking the pressure and flush the stress! Rest and calm yourself down by regular meditation or yoga. This will calm your mind and help you with stress management.

4) Cleanse Your Skin:

Use a good cleanser and use it on your face every day. Wash your face and follow a suitable cleanser that will clean your clogged pores by getting rid of the excess oil. Make sure you keep your face natural most of the time. Do not go for heavy makeup looks on a daily basis prior to your wedding as it may lead to clogged pores.

5) Moisturize for Bridal Skincare:

Do not forget to moisturize your skin twice a day. Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis will soften and lighten your skin by giving it a smoother finish. Be polite to your skin and it will thank you!

6) Exfoliation:

Exfoliating your skin often will cleanse your skin and prevent the development of acne or zits or even cysts. Use a face scrub at least 4 times a week and go for a proper exfoliation at least thrice a week. This will enhance the glow of your skin and will help your skin breathe better.

7) Facial for Bridal Skincare:

If you are exfoliating your skin often, you do not need to do a facial often. Just make sure you go for a professional facial at least once/ 2 weeks as per your comfort and choice. A facial will help in better exfoliation and prevent your skin from further damage.

8) Use a Good Makeup Remover:

Yes, the functions and the guests may be tiring but that doesn’t mean you doze off with makeup on! Sleeping with makeup on will clog your pores and is more likely to prove to be very harmful to your skin. Use a good makeup remover and cleanse your skin before you have your beauty sleep!

9) Bridal Skincare Natural Scrubs :

There are several ways you can make a natural face and body scrub at home. Using natural ingredients on your skin is more beneficial than the ones that may contain any kind of chemicals. You can make a natural face or body scrub by using simple natural ingredients like Honey, aloe vera, oatmeal, banana, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, neem powder, yogurt, lemon, and sugar! Avoid using a lot of chemical-based cosmetics or skincare products before your wedding. Go natural!

10) Don’t Go for New Products:

One of the most common mistakes brides tend to do is going for new skincare products just before their wedding. Don’t! Just use the ones, you have been using for ages and go for simple natural scrubs instead.

11) Nails:

There are several things to worry about yet include nails on this list! Apply almond oil on your nails before going to sleep. This will give your nails a beautiful and attractive look.

12) Lips:

Lips also have a huge influence on your look. So do not forget moisturizing them! Use a good lip balm every night to help them heal and rejuvenate.

13) Last but not least- Remember a Beautiful Bridal Skin starts from a Good Skin and not from a perfect Makeup Process!

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