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Best Food Diet For Skin Care

Best food diet for Skin Care

When we diet for skin care speak about beauty, skincare comes first. Having good skin is a mirror to a healthy body. With so many products available over the counter for skincare, it becomes essentially important to choose the right product. But not just choosing the right product, your beauty also depends majorly on what you eat.

”You are what you eat” s an old adage that still holds true. This becomes even more accurate when it comes to diet for skin care. As what we eat has a direct effect on the largest organ of your body, and that is the skin. If you want to have a skin that boosts health and radiance, then all you need to do is eat right .

Start with detoxification

If you are a victim of substance abuse or are addicted to alcohol, drugs then it’s high time you quit it. Though it might not be easy to quit it adhoc, you can slowly try to curb the habits and give that much-needed detox to your skin and body.

Try the following tips for your skincare through eating healthy
  1. To fight blackheads/ whiteheads- eat beans, fish, olive oil and vegetables
  2. For inflammation – Include leafy greens, spinach cantaloupe, berries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds as they are rich in Vitamin A. Onion, garlic, quinoa, and brown rice not only fight inflammation but also maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  3. To fight bumps, pimples blisters – Try to include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, flax seeds.
  4. For acne – Eat foods like broccoli peanuts, pine nuts, avocados, and sunflower seeds.
  5. For aging skin – Consume zinc-rich foods like chocolates. You will be really amazed to know how it affects your skin’s radiance.
  6. For skin healing – To replenish the lost skin cells, replace foods with folate-rich foods. Brocolli works best in this case, as it contains Vitamins  A, E, C, and K. Also a good constituent of folate, omega a3 fatty acids, and calcium.
  7. For dry skin – Dry skin is often caused by lack of moisture, and avocados provide you with just the right amount of moisture, by making the skin supple.
  8.  For general skin health – hydration is most important thing as drinking nearly 8-10 glasses of water and consumption of water-rich foods/vegetable fruits will help you retain the hydration quotient in your body, thereby making the skin radiant.
Apart from the above points, keep in mind the following things
  1. Meditate. exercise for the all-round development of body/ skin health.
  2. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  3. avoid oily/ junk foods
  4. Include plenty of greens / fruits in diet
  5. Maintain a skincare routine

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