9 Best Skin Care Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin


Glowing radiant skin has always been a dream for many of us. It’s difficult to achieve a celebrity-like glow every day, but it’s not impossible to get a flawless glow naturally if we maintain a good beauty regimen

Here, we present you with the best skin care tips for healthy and glowing skin.

1. Hydration is the key:

Hydration is the thumb rule for any beauty regimen. Numerous people stress on this and rightfully so, for achieving that radiance and glow, we need to keep our skin hydrated to avoid drying it up eventually developing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Wash your face often

This is quite a common tip, but useful too. Washing your face often unclog pores thus helps in getting rid of dullness and pollution or dirt.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating skin at least twice a week can remove the dirt and dead cells from the skin thereby helping the skin underneath shine and breathe. At times,  try opting for a chemical exfoliate rather than a physical one, as it involves less scrubbing and lesser harm to the skin.

4. Moisturize

Moisturising the skin once a day, helps it from becoming dry and scaly. A gentle massage of moisturizer can help your skin manifold. A good moisturizer can keep your skin in good health and is a must-have in every women’s beauty kit.

5. Include vitamin C in your regimen

Vitamin C helps in rejuvenating and replenishing the skin. Apply a toner/moisturizer containing vitamin C and up your beauty game.

6. Make sunscreen your best friend :

Applying sunscreen has to be one of the best tips for healthy and glowing skin as it uses prevents the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays penetrate the layer of skin thus damaging the skin cells which takes a lot of time to heal. Applying sunscreen not only prevents skin damage but also helps skin from tanning.

7. Assess your skin type:

Before you do or apply anything else on the skin,  just assess the skin type that you have. It might be oily, dry, dehydrated in moderate to high levels. And not all beauty products suit all skin types alike. So, before going any further you must be totally aware of the skin type you have, to get the best results possible.

8. Go the ‘ Face mask’ way

Face masks are generally applied overnight for the best results. And some of them do not even require a daily usage, but just twice or thrice a week. But they are sure ways to give you that healthy and glowing skin. A hassle-free face mask must be in every fashionista’s to-do list most of the nights.

9. Use toners

Toners are the first step in applying makeup or even before applying moisturizer. Toners open up the skin pores, thus making the moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby giving the best results.
So, these were 9 best skincare tips for healthy and glowing skin, which is not a difficult feat to achieve at all, if followed meticulously. These are generally very easy and hassle-free thus making it a perfect choice of tips for those looking out for them.

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