Important Benefits of Using Cloth Pads

cloth pad

As you know, periods are a very common problem for all girls and women. Every girl faces this problem every 28 days. Periods are very painful and uncomfortable.

So, it is very important to use the best and comfortable pads and there are many types of benefits of using cloth pads.

Some problems or symptoms caused by girls are abdominal cramps, Headaches, nausea, fatigue, bloating, mood swings and diarrhea, and much more.

Generally, all the girls are suggested or advised by many people to not eat things which are not good for them in their periods.

There are many foods that you should eat and that you should not eat if you are on period.

But the important thing is that you should choose the best and comfortable pads so that it will not cause irritation or rashes while you are going through your periods.

There are many women who prefer to use the cloth pads during their periods and many of them think that they are not good and can cause irritation but it is not so.

Everything has some pros and cons. There are many important benefits of using cloth pads which you should know.

Many of the women will prefer the disposable pads but there are many types of good benefits which are provided by cloth pads and not by the disposable pads.

Now, let’s have a look at the important benefits of cloth pads:

As compared to the disposable pads, the price of the cloth pads is very much cheap.

If you can’t afford the disposable pads then you should put your hands on the next and the best option which is cloth pads.

Cloth pads will save your money and you will find them cheap and helpful. So, you should go for the cloth pads.

Second benefit is that as you know disposable pads are not good for the environment.

When you dispose of them, they may harm the environment and can cause many diseases and smell but the cloth pads are not the same.

Cloth pads are good for the environment and they will not at all harm the environment. So, you should choose and use the cloth pads.

The best thing about the cloth pads is that they are very good for your skin. They will not at all damage your skin and will not cause any type of irritation or rashes on your skin or body.

Disposable pads are very rough in their texture but the cloth pads are very soft and chemical free which will suit your skin.

If you are having sensitive skin then cloth pads are best for you as the people who are having sensitive skin may confuse which pad to use so that their skin will not get irritated and will not suffer so that cloth pads are best as they are best suited for the people who have sensitive skin.

Another important benefit of the cloth pads is that they are very comfortable.

As you know that periods are very tough and irritable and for that, it is good to use the pad which is comfortable and for that cloth pads are the best as they are very much comfortable.

They will not irritate you and will provide you with relief. The other thing is that they are very much handy and you can easily take them everywhere.

If you are travelling outside and you are not aware of your date then you can easily put them in your pocket or in your bag so that you can use them when required.

Another thing is that the cloth pads are very quiet and I know that all the girls got to know what I wanted to say.

If you are in a washroom and you are just using the disposable pad they may create a scratching sound which is very much awkward and embarrassing. So, the best thing about these cloth pads is that they are very much quiet.

Other things which you should keep in mind are that your diet should be proper so that you will not suffer any type of stomachache or back pain.

Now, here are the foods which you should eat in your periods. Try to eat only the foods mentioned below as they will provide you the relief in your pain.


If you are suffering from this problem, then it is very important to drink as much water as you can.

If you will drink more water then it will keep you hydrated and you will be free from any type of headache.


You should eat fruits which are very rich in water like cucumber or watermelon.

These types of fruits will keep you hydrated. These types of fruits will help you in relieving from the irritating pain of periods.


If you are suffering from a very heavy flow then there is a great need of iron by your body as it is very important that you should eat green leafy vegetables.

You should eat spinach as it is very rich in magnesium. If you will eat such green vegetables then you will be free from body pain, illness or dizziness.


Ginger is the best as it has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from periods, then you can eat 4 grams of ginger.

It will give your relief from the headache or stomach ache.


You can also eat chicken during your periods. Chicken contains iron and protein in a very high amount so you should definitely eat it if you are non-vegetarian.

There is a great need of iron in your body when you suffer from periods so you should eat chicken.


As you know that fish is rich in iron, proteins and most importantly omega-3 fatty acids. These all are very beneficial for your body and also in your periods.

If you eat fish, the omega-3 fatty acids will reduce your period of pain. It is also very helpful in reducing your depression and also controlling your mood swings.


Turmeric is also very good to eat in periods as it has anti-inflammatory properties which provides you relief from the pain you are suffering. You can take some amount of turmeric with water.


Dark chocolate is very healthy and good for your health and body.

You should definitely eat dark chocolate in your periods as it is very rich in iron and magnesium. It will reduce all your symptoms.


Like fish, nuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids and a lot of proteins. Not only this, but it also contains vitamins and magnesium.

You can eat nuts or you can also eat nut butter and also the milk which contains nuts.


If women suffer from periods, then it may cause yeast infections to you. To get rid of this infection, you should eat yogurt.

Yogurt will fight all the infections and will nourish good infections.

So, these are the 10 foods which you should definitely eat if you are suffering from periods.

So, just eat well and wear a good type of pads if you really want to stay comfortable and healthy during your periods.

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