6 Things Not To Do On Your Period

Things Not To Do On Your Period

You might have already searched for things you must do in your period but today you will learn about the things you have to avoid doing in your period.

These actions will not only be harmful to your body but also make your periods more painful. There are several things you can do on a regular basis but must refrain from doing the same in your period.

Periods are already painful for many women. The cramps, nausea, indigestion, and the mood swings already make your periods difficult.

Some of these things will only increase your cramps and worsen your mood.

But we have got your back, read onto know what you must avoid doing during your menses.

Here are 6 things you must not do on your periods:

1) Going in for too much salt:

Yes, cravings are a common part of a period but you must not go in for the salty cravings. The salty foods will only increase the bloating, cramps, and increase fluid retention.

This will make your regular period a difficult one. Avoid salt during your periods and you can have the desserts instead.

2) Having unprotected sex:

It is not healthy to have unprotected sex in general, leave alone during your periods. Your periods will only increase the chances of infections or any kind of possible reproductive issues.

It is better to avoid sex but in case you plan to have one, make sure you have the protection.

3) Drinking loads of coffee:

Coffee has both advantages and disadvantages. But having loads of coffee during your period is a pretty bad idea. Many people are addicted to coffee and some cannot even start the day without a cup of coffee.

But consider avoiding any extra cup of caffeine as it might just increase your cramps, making your periods a tougher to bear.

4) Wearing your sanitary pad for more than 4-6 hours:

Sanitary pads make bearing periods easier to bear. WEARING A SANITARY PAD FOR LONGER HOURS will increase your chances of contracting reproductive or genital diseases.
Make sure you change your pad within 6 hours.

If you wear a menstrual cup or a tampon, change it within 10 hours.

5) Smoking cigarettes or drinking:

If you want your periods to be easier and not so difficult to go through then avoid cigarettes for a few days. Limit your alcohol consumption and even limit your smoking.

6) Loading on junk and unhealthy diets:

Yes, you will have a lot of cravings but that does not mean you eat everything and anything that comes your way. Avoid a lot of junk and sodas. Go for healthier and fruit juices instead.

This will help in giving your body the required energy and even make it feel refreshed.

If you don’t avoid these things in the long term, then you might even die of shock syndrome.

Shock syndrome is a rare, life-threatening condition caused by the release of toxins from an overgrowth of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus (staph) which is found in many women’s bodies.

So make sure you don’t become extra careless during your period!

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