How To Apply Concealer The Right Way


Dark circles and fine lines have always been the worst enemy for any woman. One thing that can give these a run for their money is the evergreen concealer. Yes. It is indeed a blessing in disguise for all those who want to portray a flawless skin in no time or less time.  A correct way of applying concealer can always prove to be a miracle for those who want to actually conceal their blemishes and dark circles, quite literally.

Concealer can be quite a tricky thing when it comes to selecting the best shade that aptly matches your skin tone. Many women go wrong here and end up having a cakey look or even worse, the fine lines creep out of the concealer making the whole purpose go waste. For that, opting for a correct concealer also plays a vital role than just applying it in the correct manner.

There are 2 types of concealer

Matte concealer:

It is mostly used to hide blemishes and dark spots

Radiant concealer:

Radiant or illuminating concealers are used for concealing dark circles.

To apply concealer the right way, you have to keep the following things in your mind

Prep your eyes

Just like you prep a wall before you start painting it, you must also prep your eyes, before you start applying a radiant concealer. In simple terms, You must apply eye cream and moisturizer way before you apply concealer, as it needs to be absorbed by the skin first. Once it seeps in the skin, apply concealer diligently and even it out properly.

Chose appropriate color

It’s a false misconception that the concealer must be lighter than your skin tone, to make it look a shade lighter. But this is completely false, as it turns out looking grey and you might face the most dreaded situation of raccoon eyes. It has to match your skin tone, to make it look natural and avoid a cakey look.

Apply in right places

Focus your concealer on the hollows of your eye and about halfway. across. You do not need

concealer on the outer corners, where your smile lines are. Typically, you don’t have darkness there and concealer settles into those fine lines, emphasizing them.

RIght quantity is the key

This is one of the most common mistakes many women make. Applying too much concealer can spoil the look. Just the right amounts of concealer work wonders. Just put a drop of concealer on your fingertip and apply it to desired areas and dab it gently. This way you can avoid the cakey look and overly done makeup.

Steps to follow
1. Wash your face and pat dry
2. moisturize your face with moisturizer and affected areas need to be the applied eye cream
3. Take a drop of concealer on your fingertip and gently apply over the affected or desired area.
4. Finish the entire make up by following up with foundation, blush and eye make up if needed.
5. You are good to go now!

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