How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Pro


These days Bold is Beautiful. A bold color can make heads turn, be it a dress or a simple lipstick. In fact, a bold lipstick draws quite a lot of attention, than flak. Perfect for many occasions going bold on lips can always turn in your favor.

And what is better than red lipstick? You can never go wrong with red lipstick.
Be it any occasion, evening party, Christmas, birthday dinners, Thanksgiving or a casual date with a loved one, red lipstick can fit in all the occasions.
You just have to be right in terms of opting for the perfect shade of red depending on the skin tone and the purpose, and you are all set. Let’s look at How to Apply this Like a Pro
You will need
1. Lip balm
2. Lip primer
3. Red lipstick
4. Lip liner
5. Concealer
Step by step guide on How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Pro
1. Prep your lips
This is the basic step of applying any lipstick, not just read for that matter. All you need to do is
Dab some lip balm on your lips
Take a Q tip and rub it gently on the lips. This not only exfoliates the lips but also removes excess balm. 
2. Draw the outline of a cupids eye
Draw an X in the middle of your lips mostly known as cupids brows. Now, outline the entire lips carefully with the help of a liner. This will help you to fill the lips with color
3. Fill in with liner
Once the outline is been drawn, fill in with liner and apply it evenly. After this,  blot with a tissue paper to remove the excess liner. 
4. Apply Red Lipstick
This is the most important step. Apply red lipstick carefully on the well-filled lips. Applying a red lipstick over the lip liner is the best way to make the lips look fuller and super red. To keep the lips clean and crisp, apply concealer on the edges with a brush. 
5. It’s done!
Finally, you have the lips of your dreams. You have those sultry voluptuous lips that can give even celebrities run for their money!

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