How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly


This comes as a surprise, but most of the women are still in two minds when lip liner comes to their mind. We might cringe about the fact that there was once a trend of outlining the lips with a darker color and opting to fill in the same color of a lighter shade. But, if done right, lining your lips can be the most favorable thing to do.

  • Applying lip liner can increase the stay of lipstick
  • It can also add dimensions to your lips
  • Smudging of lipstick rarely happens when you line your lips.

Here is a step by step guide on How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

1. Prep your lips

The foremost important yet initial step in applying a lip liner like a pro is to prep your lips. This means, making your lips smooth and soft. Scrape off the rough skin, Nd applies a moisturizing lip balm to get an even finish.

2. That important X

Once your lips are soft and tender, Start applying the liner that has a really close resemblance to the lip color you are applying. As it emerges in the lip color, giving a fine yet classy look. Start by drawing an X on your cupid’s bow. Slowly start filling the outlines of lips, carefully making sure that the lines are fine and not too thick or thin. To avoid that obvious line around your lips, feather the lip pencil onto the lips with a lip brush. This will help your lipstick last longer.
In case you are applying a bold color, try to use a shade higher than the lip color, as going contrast or opting for a lighter shade can make it look ugly

3. Apply lipstick

Now, the final step is to apply lipstick carefully either directly from the bullet or using brush.

Few other tips to use lip liner like a pro
1. Always match the lip liner with lip color.
2. Try not to go to thick with the liner, as it can kill the look
3. Always merge the lipstick with the liner with the help of a brush for even tones.

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