HomeMade Potato Soap For Permanent Skin Whitening

homemade potato soap
Fair and glowing skin is one trait that we all have desired at least once in our lives. A soft, supple and bright skin takes a lot of care and a strict skin regimen to be followed. But there is one trick in the book to get that flawless white skin permanently. And the best part is, it is homemade and can be easily made without any hassles. The magic ingredient is potato. A homemade potato soap is one of the easiest DIY that you will come across.

Here is the recipe of potato soap:

1. 1 Potato
2. 1 soap ( preferably dove)
3. 1 spoon aloe gel
4. 1 spoon almond oil
1. Peel a potato and grate it.
2. Take a clean muslin cloth, and squeeze the potato juice with the help of it.
3. In a glass bowl,  grate soap
4. Add the potato juice to the grated soap
5. Add almond oil
6. Add aloe vera gel
7. Mix all the ingredients together.
8. On a burner, put a large bowl with water
9. Put the bowl with the ingredients in the bigger bowl and keep stirring the contents, keeping the flame high.
10. Pour the above mixture in a paper glass, and let it cool. After nearly 6-7 hours, the soap easily comes out of the glass.
Store it in a cool and dry place and use it every time you take a shower.
This soap is very effective for your skin to brighten and lighten your skin. As potato are rich antioxidants and helps in removing unwanted tan and dullness of skin. Potato helps in rejuvenating the skin cells, thus helping it appear lighter and brighter.

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