10 Mins Body Mask That Will Make Your Skin Baby Soft And Glowing

Body Mask
Our busy lives and even busier schedules leave us little time to take proper care of our skin and hair. Though we may badly want to have that celebrity-like glow on our skin, or that brightening sparkling and supple skin. We hardly work towards it, as we are mostly faced by time constraints or even in lack of it, we are just plain lazy to try out new things. Sometimes, we also worry about those over the counter products harming our skin in the long run, and the other times, such luxuries on a daily basis are best afforded by the rich and famous.
But what if we tell you that you can get absolutely glowing skin in just 10 minutes. If that’s not all, the magic body mask is made u of ingredients we mostly find at our home easily. This magical body mask can brighten your skin in just 10 minutes. So read on to know more about this quick and easy body mask which will leave your skin feeling soft and looking bright
1.  2 spoons Oats powdered coarsely
2. 1 teaspoon honey
3. 1 spoon extra virgin coconut oil
4.2 spoons milk
1. Mix all the above ingredients to form a paste
2. Apply it all over the body, before taking a shower
3. Apply little water, and rub gently all over.
4. Take shower, once it is dried up after 7-8 minutes.
Benefits of this pack:
1. This gives an instant glow to the skin.
2. Oats are a great exfoliator and also act as a good antioxidant.
3. Honey makes the skin supple and soft
4. Milk helps the skin from getting dehydrated.
5. Extra virgin coconut oil, helps fight signs of aging, thereby preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

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