Cursed: Gives The King Arthur Legend A Millennial Rebrand


If you are an avid fan of mythological stories that are complex, then we have good news for you. Netflix has released its brand new mythological show and an incredible yet possibly better interpretation of the legendary King Arthur.

If you are hooked onto Netflix and spend hours on Netflix, you might have already heard about this new series called “Cursed”.

The brand new season of “Cursed” was released on July 17, 2020. Netflix released the first season of “Cursed” that consists of 10 episodes.

The first few episodes however have faced a lot of criticism as it displayed the power of The Lady of Lake, Nimue; a little more than King Arthur.

The mythological plot of King Arthur is considered to be more complex than any other plot. Over the years, there have been many interpretations regarding the legendary Arthur who is also considered as the future king of Britons.

Apart from the boundless interpretations of Arthur’s origins, his kingdom, Story, and his sword Excalibur; there are many displayed and written versions of the legend and his life.

However, Netflix has managed to add a fresh twist with their new original called “Cursed”.

Cursed is an action-fantasy show set that has its primary focus on a new wielder of the sword of power even before Arthur considered taking charge.

The cast of the show includes:

  • Katherine Langford as Nimue
  • Devon Terrell as Arthur
  • Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin
  • Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk
  • Sebastian Armesto as Uther Pendragon
  • Lily Newmark as Pym
  • Peter Mullan as Father Carden
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin as Igraine
  • Bella Dayne as Red Spear and
  • Matt Stokoe as the Green Knight.

Katherine Langford plays the protagonist in the series who is said to live even before Arthur and catches his famous sword Excalibur.

However, the show begins with a powerful image of this Nimue’s hand reaching out of a lake and offering the sword to Arthur.

The image manages to leave an incredible effect on the viewers and forces us to rethink the entire plot. The image is really mysterious, magical, and sad.

The questions that follow up with the first image might be – Why is she giving the sword to Arthur?

What was their relationship?  How does she know him? Are there any secrets that she is hiding?  Why does she specifically have the sword?

The beginning of the show itself manages to keep us hooked by forcing us to contemplate and ask several questions along with the scenes.

It is magical to be able to see this world from the perspectives of these warriors and mythological figures.

However, we can try grounding these characters a little bit to give them that magical touch blood- emotional. Some changes can make these characters a little more lively, flawed, vulnerable, and enticing.

So if you are interested to know the details and educate yourself on various Arthurian characters along with some mythology then “Cursed” is just perfect for you!

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