Fatal Affair Movie: Spoiler Alert

fatal affair movie

You might have heard the news of a brand new Netflix original movie called ‘Fatal Affair’ going viral. People have loved the plot and are in love with the portrayal of mental health issues.

Here we discuss a few points from the movie and the plot in order to breakdown if it is worthy of your time or similar to a typical Netflix original that takes today’s teens by storms.

Fatal Affair is a psychological thriller directed by Peter Sullivan.

It is written by the director himself along with another co-writer Rasheeda Garner.

The movie was released on July 16, 2020, as a Netflix original and has since then, it has managed to climb its way to the list of a ‘must-watch’.

The fatal affair movie has been doing rounds for the week and what intrigues me to watch this movie is that involves a sneak peek into the diverse world of mental health.

The movie is produced by BARRY BARNHOLTZ, Nia Long, and Jeffrey Schenck.
The cast of the movie includes Nia Long, Omar Epps, Stephen Bishop, and KJ SMITH in the lead roles.

The movie begins with a man and woman having sex that turns out to become a nightmare with the woman’s trip to the kitchen.

Ellie Warren is an immensely successful attorney who lives with her husband Marcus, who is yet to recover from a terrible accident.

They have just moved into a new house in the city of San Francisco as their daughter, Brittany leaves for college.

The plot of the movie begins when Janice, Ellie’s boss introduces the firm’s new tech consultant, David Hammond.
It is supposed that David already recognizes Ellie from their college days.

Later, Ellie is all set to meet her best friend Courtney for a few drinks. Courtney brings along David but as fate decides, Ellie is left alone with David.

They have a few drinks together and Ellie begins to share her personal problems with David. From being exhausted of boring sex to a few business insights, Ellie shares it all.

David and Ellie get intimate and are ready to have sex as they move to the bathroom but Ellie realizes her mistakes all of a sudden and decides to leave.

She further refrains from meeting David and blocks him as she realizes her actions depict nothing but cheating towards Marcus.

After some time, David blackmails Ellie into spending time with him as he hacks into their personal surveillance camera and grabs the footage of their intimate moments.

This leads to other fatalities that affect not only the life of Ellie but also Marcus and Brittany.

The movie seems interesting and is a story that will manage to keep you hooked onto the borderline.
If love stories with a magical touch of thriller and mystery interest you, then Fatal Affair may interest you.

However, according to the critics the movie is will manage to keep you interested yet many scenes seem dull and might make you bored with the course of time.

Fatal affair is a little more than hyped than needed, is all I can say.

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