The Old Guard Comic Series- Netflix/ Spoiler Alert Sequel?

the old guard

I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous “The Old Guard” Comic series that has already taken the viewers into a frenzy.

The series has been loved by the viewers and is said to be based on the popular comic series “The Old Guard”, released in 2017. The series has been taking over the internet recently after Netflix hinted at a sequel for the same.

The Old Guard is based on a phenomenon that involves soldiers or in simple words, phenomenal warriors who discover their immortality.

The series is about a few warriors that go on to discover their immorality after being defeated in killed in different battles.

The warriors/ soldiers then explore their abilities and the take on various battlefields keeping in mind their immortality. The Old Guard has this group of soldiers who are led by a fierce woman called ‘Andy’.

Andy has a history of spans millennia gains a new member when Nile Freeman, a U.S. Marine, survives a fatal injury while on tour in Afghanistan.

The Nile appears just as the group’s secret agent is compromised, placing them in a conflict between Big Pharma billionaire who wants to unlock the secrets of their genetic codes.

The members of the group discover their abilities and immortality after when they are killed or attacked in battlefields. The group now explores different areas of the world fighting for and with the righteous.

Image comics first released the series named “The Old Guard” in 2017 followed by other mini-sequel series – The Old Guard-Force Multiplied in 2019.

Netflix served as with this thriller-action series to make our summer a little more memorable and amazing. However, the question still remains if Netflix is planning a sequel to The Old Guard?

The streaming giant did not clearly hint on a sequel soon and most probably it might have to be released keeping in mind the first part of the series.

The comic book author Greg Rucka said that the series ended up as if it needed a sequel and as per the comic book, it does need a sequel to please the eyes of the viewers.

The author continues: “The opportunity to tell the story in a different way means focus shifts. When I’m writing a comic, it tends to be hero-focused even when there’s a team.

The story was pretty much about Andy. The movie is upfront about the Nile. We are able to highlight the Nile. That’s a benefit.” The writer also believes the movie is “more uplifting” than the comic. (Courtesy – Inverse)

Andy lives on being immortal for ages and fights for the good with her fellow soldiers. They do so, in order to save the world from any kind of danger and their simple actions could save the earth.

The series is said to be breathtaking as they do not fail to take in you in another dimension. The series feel close and real for, the characters have human traits making it easier for the viewers to relate with several scenes.

The series is s filled with profound human moments,  declarations of love, dreams about eternity, regrets over families, and lost forever.

And to maintain the balance of the film, they hold equal weight with the action scenes because, at the end of the day, everything feels connected to you, personally.

So if you are looking for something to binge-watch this weekend, go for The Old Guard and let us know if you found it breathtaking too!

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