Vitamin C rich foods and their 15 proven benefits!

Vitamin-C Rich Foods

Vitamin C rich foods and their 15 proven benefits!

Mostly Dieticians and Nutritionists are well-known persons about vitamin c Benefits. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Naturally, the vitamin available in citrus fruits like Orange, Guava, Lemon, Kiwifruit, Broccoli, in the supplement also including this vitamin c, vegetables, drink mixes, juices, and some capsules.

Vitamin c is recommended by scurvy. It increases collagen and strengthens the body. It increases bone and muscle strength, provides strong teeth to prevent toothache. If you take naturally in your meal it will act as wound healing. The wound will work for break bones, minor cuts, and deep burn, in this case, it will work as a healing method.

Vitamin c is taking care of our nervous system with the dangerous effects of stress. some different surveys said, increase the resistance power, very beneficial for weight loss, fight with some allergies, and increase the immunity system.

Intake regularly vitamin c free radicals will be removed one hundred percent. Taking a high dosage of vitamin c: like supplements and natural food is avoided cancer also. Vitamin c also decreases the pain and swelling of joints. Taking this vitamin c regularly in your diet nourishes the skin, prevent wrinkles, avoid aging, save from Ultraviolet rays and it will increase the elasticity of the skin. 

Benefits of Vitamin C:
  1. Cancer:

If the person doesn’t about cancer and taking more  Vitamin C in a regular diet,  it will be a lower risk for developing cancer. It will be known as the initial stage. In the second stage, the person knows about cancer and take Vitamin c rich food and supplements, taking juices and injections will be managed effect of cancer. Vitamin C will also decrease lung problems and improve the quality of life Some analyses found If the person taking Vitamin C for long period with taking proper rich high diet has no effect on the risk of prostate cancer.

  1. Brain Functions:

Compared to normal people with taking high vitamin c rich food people, their nervous system and immunity power and memory power is at a high level. The Brain function will 10 times increase vitamin c food some analysis found. The function of the Brain will be good. The chronic neurodegenerative disease commonly starts slowly and increases worsens over time compared with normal people.

  1. Immunity system:

Vitamin c increase Immunity power in our body. Basically citrus fruits will give a large number of vitamins, minerals. Orange fruit provides instant energy and develops immunity. Vitamin c decreases various types of allergies and inflammations. Vitamin c  deficiency will decrease the immunity power.

  1. Avoid stroke:

When the person taking plasma will be established to be in reverse connected with blood pressure. Vitamin C will decrease stroke risk through its pressure.

  1. . Battle High Blood Pressure :

High Blood Pressure is a very dangerous disease to the human body.  It will provide heart problems. Vitamin C will help to reduce High Blood Pressure and give strength to your body. Immunise Vitamin C and keep control of High Blood Pressure.  Some experiments say Vitamin C was found to lower blood pressure with existing high blood pressure.

  1. Prevent Gout Attack:

Gout is one type of arthritis caused by overkill uric acid in the blood vessel. The indication of gout is message situated uric acid cells in arthritis and the human body will act to them.  Taking vitamin C supplements most of the gout will reduce without warning.

  1. Scurvy:

When the people are not taking  Vitamin C  enough could develop Scurvy. If the person feels some symptoms like leg pain from a long time, red spots on the skin, feel the bad mood for a long time, taking short of breath, eyes become dry and feeling irritation continuously. These symptoms also are known as Scurvy. These problems will come when you have vitamin c deficiency for a long time. Vitamin C Benefits from these problems as soon as possible. Now a day’s supplements also available for Scurvy.

  1. Common cold:

 Due to the weather changes  every person will face this problem. This is the common but it is most affected on the body. Common cold will raise with virus and bacteria, this is one of the viral infection places in the body. Vitamin C stimulate and protect our immune system and boost up the body. When the common cold attack person will take care with Vitamin C,  will provide instant energy.

  1. Cures Cataract:

Cataract is one common problem of eye. The eye having natural dispersing light rays  with adjustable circular opening in the centre. When it will grow cataracts this light rays become cloudy and look in blurred vision.  We can see some causes will decrease cataract like, smoking, drinking,  hypertension and some diabetic problems will raise cataract issues. If you intake if regular Vitamin C reduces cataract problems.

  1. Damaged Tissue:

Vitamin C crucial element in the manufacture of collagen. It can’t work with protein found within a cell to the healing process. Vitamin C quickly heal and repair of tissues and blood vessels. This is very important to create scar tissues and come new skin. The high vitamin c supplements use for tissue repair.

  1. Skin :

Vitamin C is used for a different types of skin problems, Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and spots, pigmentations etc. Vitamin c is used in masks, face packs, moistures, oils, organic powders.  It will protect your skin with aging. Vitamin C helps your skin to harmful Ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C gives nourishment  and glowness to your skin.

  1. Stress:

Now a days each and every member having common problem is stress. There is no age difference between  children or adults or senior citizens.  Mainly this stress will affect in the nervous system. Vitamin C acts as a major role on the stress. Vitamin c will control the stress and avoid the nervous system to take regularly. It will decrease the harm full stress.

  1. Sugar level in Diabetics:

Common problems in present days are Diabetics. And this also no age difference between children or adults. If we go 20 years back we will observe that above age 40 people will get this problem. Now a day’s new born baby also got this problem. Vitamin C regulates blood sugar levels and protect against Diabetics.

  1. Asthma :

Asthma  is a breathing  problem . Vitamin C improves the function of lungs and airways. Vitamin C having antioxidant  and inflammation property  And vitamin c regular doses decrease the manufacturing of histamines.

  1. Tuberculosis :

This is also a normal viral infection disease attack with bacteria affected in the lungs. The major symptom is a cough . If the cough will be continued for three weeks it will know as TB. While taking Vitamin C continuously with high doses Tuberculosis will reduce.

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