5 Proven Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

benefits of apple cider vinegar

In the natural health community, Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the most versatile ingredients used to treat most of the ailments. Being one of the most popular vinegar helps in weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.

Apart from its usage in the household, it has many other proven benefits listed below:
1. High in ACETIC ACID
In  French, the word vinegar means alcohol in actuality
It is formed from a two-step process of preparing alcohol.
The first step includes exposing crushed apples to yeast,  thereby turning it into alcohol.
The second step acetic acid is formed, by adding bacteria to further ferment the solution.
Thereby It is highest in acetic acid which benefits health. In addition to it, it also has amino acids and antioxidants that further help in maintaining a healthy balance of the body.
2. Help kill harmful bacteria
Its advantage in healing and cleaning of wounds dates back to 2000 years ago when Hippocrates first introduced this to the world. Since then, it is the most preferred ingredient that helps in cleaning, disinfecting and treating warts and lice. High in pathogens,  it has proven to kill many harmful bacteria.
3. Keeps high sugars in control
Apple cider vinegar has proven to be a boon for those who want to keep their sugars in control. It helps maintain normal insulin levels, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes.
It helps maintain insulin sensitivity from 19-34% after a high carb meal.
A spoon of apple cider vinegar during bedtime helps lower the fasting blood sugar by 4%.
4. Effective weight loss remedy
Apple cider vinegar is mostly included in the diets of the people who want to lose weight drastically.
Consumption of apple cider vinegar before taking your food makes you feel more satiated than usual and helps in consuming 250-270 fewer calories. Thus the sugar levels are controlled thereby resulting in weight loss.
5. Other overall health benefits
Apple cider vinegar has proven to be beneficial to overall health. It is not proved yet, but apple cider vinegar might be beneficial to treat esophageal cancer.
So, apple cider vinegar has many proven benefits and including it in our diet can only give us major advantages.

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