4 Ways to Use Turmeric for PCOS

Turmeric for PCOS

Turmeric is popular for its healing properties and exceptional healing benefits. Turmeric is said to cure several diseases and is one of the most ancient ways of treating many disorders. It is popular in the Ayurvedic and Unani Studies of Medicine, which primarily involve treating diseases with the help of natural ingredients. ‘Turmeric for PCOS’ is a popular and widely recommended natural remedy.

Turmeric is recommended by experts and doctors as a natural way to balance hormones and prevent you from contracting disorders of the same. Turmeric is not only popular as a curing agent, but it also has numerous skin benefits. Turmeric for PCOS has always been a top natural cure. Doctors and experts recommend turmeric for PCOS as an effective remedy.

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PCOS is the abbreviation for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is caused by several physiological factors, the primary factor being hormonal imbalance. Hormonal balance can again be affected by abnormal weight gain or loss, diet, lifestyle, and even stress.

Unattended PCOS can lead to infertility and irregular menstrual cycles. Some of the symptoms of PCOS include severe abdominal pain or cramps, irregular periods that continue for 3 or more months, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and a low metabolism.

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However, there is no need to panic about your irregular periods and PCOS anymore; turmeric is proven to help you balance your hormones and cure PCOS to a great extent.

Ways To Use Turmeric for PCOS


Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric can be consumed easily on a daily basis if mixed with milk. Add 1-2 tablespoons of turmeric to a glass of milk and mix it thoroughly. Drink the same thing before breakfast every morning. Drink the same thing every day to get rid of PCOS.


These are the easiest ways to consume turmeric on a daily basis. You can add ½-1 tbsp of turmeric to a glass of water and gulp it down every day before breakfast. Turmeric also helps boost your immunity and acts as an anti-viral agent. Water along with turmeric for PCOS works like a miracle.

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With Honey:

Another way you can consume turmeric is by using it with honey. Add ½ tbsp of turmeric to 2 tbsp of honey in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Take the spoon full of this mixture and fill it with water. You can consume turmeric this way on a daily basis before you go for a full-fledged breakfast.


Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea

You will be surprised to know that turmeric tea tastes better than your regular teas. Add ½ tbsp. of turmeric powder while making your regular tea and let it boil. Filter the tea into a cup, and lo! You have your turmeric tea ready within minutes. Tea with turmeric may sound unusual, yet turmeric tea is best to cure PCOS.

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You can also use turmeric for PCOS by including it in your ethnic recipes.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can make turmeric a part of your daily diet by adding ½ tbsp of it to your regular food recipes. You can add legumes, pulses, vegetables, and a pinch or ½ tbsp of turmeric powder while making it.

Above all, the best way to have turmeric for PCOS is by mixing it with milk.

Bonus fact: Turmeric is an amazing anti-bacterial agent. It helps in killing the bacteria present in your body in any form, thereby boosting your immunity.

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