What Does Menstrual Cycle Say About Your Health?

What Does Menstrual Cycle say About Your Health

Menstrual Cycle are tiring for us women at some point or other in our lives. Isn’t it? I’m sure most of us at some point or the other in our lives wished we were born as men instead of women. However, menstruation is that one blessing we underestimate.

A menstrual cycle says a lot about your overall physical health. In fact, a woman who is actively menstruating every month is said to be healthy than the ones who tend to miss or skip their monthly cycles.

For a woman to be able to have a normal menstrual cycle or experience active menstruation requires cooperation from all her organs. From the production of your hormones to your digestion and metabolism everything highly influences your period.

Here are some basic things your menstrual cycle says about you:

1) Cramps:

90% of the women experience heavy cramps during their initial days of the period. It is completely normal to experience heavy pain in lower abdomen during your menstrual cycle. You do not need to worry if the cramps last for 4-6 days. However, if the cramps continue even after you finish your periods, there is probably a chance of you developing fibroids or endometriosis.

2) Heavy Flow:

Many women are observed complaining about their flow to the gynaecologist. One must know that experiencing heavy flow during the first 3-5 days of your periods is considered to be normal. If the bleeding continues after your period and consists of quarter size blood clots often then you should visit your doctor.

3) Early Periods:

Early periods are also considered normal especially if you get your periods by the end of 3rd week. It is okay to get your periods after 3 weeks. According to the experts, it is normal for a woman to menstruate anywhere between 23-30 days as per their cycle. Early periods also indicate an increase in your prostaglandin levels and a decrease in estrogen levels. Regular yoga, exercise and a healthy diet will help your period to hop in on time.

4) Late Periods:

As mentioned above, again it is normal if your menstrual cycle gets delayed by 3-6 days. But regular late period may be a matter of concern. Your menstrual cycle can be delayed due to several factors. Some of the factors which lead to late periods are hormonal imbalances, being underweight or overweight and changes in your diet/lifestyle.

5) Irregular Periods:

Periods are termed as irregular if you tend to miss your period for more than 2-3 months continuously. Irregular periods are indeed are a matter of great concern. They indicate high levels of hormonal imbalances, weight issues, reproductive disorders, infertility, unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Therefore, if you miss your menstrual cycle for more than 3 months, do visit your local gynaec.

6) Colour of Your Blood:

The colour of your blood during your regular menstrual cycles speaks volumes about your overall physical health.

It is normal to observe bright red colour blood on your first that is followed by a darkened red thick blood. This is considered to be normal. However, if you observe brown colored blood, it indicates old blood flow and if you experience yellowish-brown blood which is a matter of concern. It indicates reproductive disorders. Hence, one must visit their local gynaecologist in these circumstances.

7) Bleeding in-between Your Periods:

Bleeding in-between your periods can be a sign of pregnancy. However, in rare cases it also indicates reproductive disorders, tumour and fibroids.

I hope this article proved to be helpful and provided you with some basic knowledge on your menstrual cycle.

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