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10 Apps to Make Money From Home with Smartphone

Make Money from Home

As we know that due to this pandemic most of the people are at their homes and also most of the people lose their jobs. Many have done something or the other to make money from home during the pandemic times.

In this era/ century, it has become very necessary for all people to work online and earn money. There are many types of apps available on your smartphone through which you can earn money online.

Everyone can earn with the help of these apps like housewives, college students, etc. The person who wishes to work online can also do the same. There is no need for any laptop or PC for this, if you are having a smartphone, then it is enough to make money from home.

There are many types of free earning apps available on your smartphone. If you want to get more information about them then you can check the reviews and the ratings of the app. You can install these apps from the google play store available on your phones.

Here are the 10 best online earning apps which are available on your smartphones and by using them anyone can earn money online from their respective homes.

1. MEESHO: Meesho is basically an app for reselling products. If you are interested in doing entrepreneurship then you should definitely install this app on your phone. This app is very trending nowadays.

This is generally followed by the housewives who want to start their business. You just have to download this app you will be able to see different types of products at wholesale prices.

You can buy the products which you want to sell. After that, you can sell those products to your relatives and contacts by sharing their pictures with them. It will not only help you in earning money online but also improve your communication skills.

2. WONK: It is the largest online home tutoring booking app. At WONK, the minimum qualifications for the online tutor are graduates, good communication skills, subject matter expertise, and proficiency in using the internet.

In this, the tutor has to spend a minimum of 4-8 hours every day. By doing this, you can easily earn INR300-1000 per hour of your teaching and you can also earn INR40000 per month just by teaching online.

Age does not matter here. If you are of 65 or 75 age still then you can teach through this app.

3. SHEROES: Sheroes is also the best online earning app which is mostly used by women. If you are a woman and looking for an online earning app then you can go for it.

In this app, you can register without any investment, there is no need for any type of investment. Also, even if you are a 10th pass then you can work through it. Here you can learn new skills and also do the online courses.

Through this, you can become a certified MARS partner.

4. GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS: This is basically a paid survey app. You just have to download this app and you will start getting the notifications on your smartphone when a survey will be ready for you.

You have to answer those questions and you will earn google play credit with this app. There is no need for any investment in this. While answering these questions, you should be honest only then you will earn the rewards.

5. LOCO: In this app, you can earn money online just by sitting on your bed and watching or playing games. If you like watching and playing games on your smartphone then you should definitely install this app.

It is a free app and available in many languages. This app is very popular among teenagers as they can make money from home without physical or mental stress. You can play different types of games here like Ludo, carrom, pool, bubble shooter, knife ninja, etc.

6. CURRENT REWARDS: Here you can earn money just by listening to music and playing games. If you love listening to music then you should definitely download this app and earn money.

Through this, you can redeem your earnings with many types of gift cards.

7. ROZ DHAN: This app provides you many types of options through which you can earn money online. Here you can earn money just by walking and counting your steps. This app will convert your steps into money according to the calories you burn and you can withdraw this money to your Paytm account.

8. EARN KARO: It is the best social cashback app. Here you can earn money just by sharing the deals with your friends and relatives. The money or profit which you earn through this app can be transferred to your bank account.

9. INTERNSHALA: If you are a fresher student then you can go for it. Here you have to apply for the work you want to work like content writing, video editing, etc. Read all the information before applying to any type of company and be aware that there is no kind of investment in it.

You will receive many notifications if any type of company is looking for the work that you want to do and if you are shortlisted in some company.

10. USER FELL: Userfeel basically pays you for the usability testing may be on a phone or desktop. You have to appear for the tests and if you open the website and appear in their tests then you will be paid for that.

The test is just for 10-20 minutes, not more than that. If you are interested then you can install it.

So, these are the best 10 apps through which you can earn money online just by sitting at your home.

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