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No Scam! No Lies! Try these 19 High Paying Jobs to Earn Money Online by Working From Home

No Scam! No Lies! Try these 19 High Paying Jobs to Earn Money From Home Online

Who doesn’t dream of having a job that pays  well without having to go through the monotonous 9 to 5 routine? Probably everyone!

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In fact,a survey revealed that people prefer working from home because of its flexibility.

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Well, working your dream job isn’t difficult anymore. If you have modest internet skills and an ‘out-of-the’ box thinking, this article will be helpful for you.  It doesn’t matter that you are already working and need a side income or you are a stay-at-home parent who wants to earn a bit for self-sufficiency. There are plenty of opportunities available online that let you work from home. Read below 19 high paying  jobs that help you earn money from home online.

1. Virtual Assistantship

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is like a ‘go-to’ person for all the small help that an entrepreneur or business needs online. A VA provides online support on a freelance basis by working remotely. Many a times, entrepreneurs and small businesses need help with varied administrative tasks like managing schedules and appointments with clients and investors, documentation of business reports, PowerPoint Presentations, whitepapers, excel sheets, press releases, blogs and websites. However, they don’t have the funds to hire someone for the same and bear higher costs. That is where a VA jumps into the picture as a savior.

How do I become one?

It’s not difficult to be one if you know the basics and the skills required that go into becoming one. Depending  on your qualifications, you may require basic training or briefing. However, you’re on a winning front if you have a gift of the gab and are proficient with MS Office. Read more about working from home online as a Virtual Assistant here and here.

Go to site:

Upwork , Virtualstafffinder , Fancy Hands , Zirtual

2. Translating

Art thou a polyglot who savors languages with every word? Do you flaunt your knowledge of foreign languages at get togethers? Do you prefer watching world movies with various languages? Then freelance translating is a career option you can consider to earn money from home online. There are numerous international businesses, research scholars and authors who look for translators at reasonable costs. The kind of translation work that you could get is movie subtitling, tour guiding, journalism, game testing, proof reading and content creation for e-books.

How do I become one?

If you have a flair for languages, getting a certification is the first and foremost step you can take to improve your credibility. Becoming a translator won’t make you rich, but it will ensure decent earnings. Read more about earning money working from home online as a translator here.

Go to site:

Fiverr , Upwork , Gengo, Smartling , Unbabel , TextMaster 

3. Blogger

Blogging has become one of the highly preferred modes of freelance mode to earn money. You can earn money from blogging by including affiliate marketing and advertising. Your main goal should be to attract traffic in your blog.

How do I become one?

Using Google Adsense is a smart way to earn money through blogging. You can get Google Adsense in your blog and in turn get ads displayed on your blog. Adsense will pay you on the basis of clicks and views that your blogs receive from the visitors. Read more about earning money online by working from home through blogging, especially through Google Adsense here.Affiliate marketing is another popular method of earning money through blogging. Affiliate marketing is all about selling other seller’s products through your blog. So, higher the traffic in your blog, higher the chances of sponsors to your blog and higher chances of a stable income flow from your blog. Read more about earning money online working from home through affiliate marketing here.

Go to site:Wordpress, Blogger

4. Online Product Seller

With the boom in e-commerce, selling your product online is another neat way to monetise your time spent at home. Whether you have an eye for artsy products or a soft corner for the underpaid artisans, whether you are confident about your unique ideas in designing accessories or fabrics, you need to have a running market to bring your ideas into picture and also gaim profits. That can only be possible when you start selling your products online. Look at popular insta pages like chakoriethnic or okhai that have successfully sold their products online with the right steps.

How do I become one?

First and foremost, you need a running platform for your ideas to be displayed. Keep in mind that you’re not alone in this race and there is cut throat competition out there in the market. So, you need to make your website stand out. If you don’t want to create your own website, you can always consider platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, ebay, etc You can also extend your reach through affiliate marketing. Read more about earning money online working from home through online marketing here.

Go to site: Flipkart, Shopify, ebay, indibazaar, etsy

5.  YouTube Entertainer

Do you love cameras? Do you never miss a moment to stay in the spotlight? Do you feel that you have an entertainment factor that can keep anyone glued to what you speak? Well, then Youtube is the best place for you. It is not only accessible at the tap of your smartphone but also very popular among people. It is one of the best ways to earn some quick bucks.

How do I become one?

You have to start by observing and picking a category that you would prefer to base your videos on. You have to carefully decide the category based on what the audience wants and what can you actually do well. Even the most boring topic, if presented in an interesting manner can garner likes for your channel and also money.

Start by observing how popular youtubers get their viewers hooked to them. What is the unique selling point of their channels? All you need is a great concept in your mind, basic internet facilities and excellent presentation skills that make you stand out from the rest, along with some patience. Later see your subscribers grow with every video of yours. Youtube is a lot like video blogging. Anything ranging from politics to movies, from humor to cooking, there is a whole universe out there to explore. Read more about earning money online by working from home through youtube, here.

Go to site: Youtube

6. Web development

If you have a working knowledge of coding and web designing , then you can carve a path to be a freelancing web-developer. Are you an entrant with minimal knowledge on the field? Well, there is still some place for you. Finding work in web development is not that difficult because there is a lot of requirement for it , especially from companies that outsource this skill.

How do I become one?

There are a lot of courses available online, if you are interested. Since there is a tough competition in this field from freelancers, you need to stand out and you can only do that by building a strong niche and strong good will based on it. Once you hold some repute with reasonable charges, getting a stronghold in this field won’t be a challenge. You can read more about earning money online by working from home through web development here.

Go to site: Upwork, oDesk ,Guru, Freelancer

7. Content writing

Do you have a flair for writing? Can you write at lengths and never get bored of it? Then content writing is the right career path for you to choose to work from home. Content writing is in high demand in the market. It involves writing a clear and well-researched blog, website content, whitepaper or newsletter. Good content can generate more traffic for the business, hence there are many recruiters hunting for competent content writers with impeccable skills.

How do I become one?

Have above average grammatical skills along with a captivating writing style is a must for content writing. You also need good research skills and versatility to write on diverse topics. The best way to become a content writer is to actually write and build a portfolio which can later be presented on various freelance websites. However, beware of scammers. Read more about earning money online while working from home through content writing here.

Go to site: 

Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Medium

8. Data entry

Although the field of data entry is a bit infamous because of many scammers, and the field being threatened by the advent of automation, there are still unlimited data entry jobs available everywhere.

How do I become one?

The best thing about this field is that it doesn’t require any specific degree or high order skills. All that is requires in an internet connection and an eye for details. If you have these , this is the simplest job that you can do online and get paid just by working from home. Sign up on any freelancing website and start working on printed or scanned data sheets that need to be entered in a digitally. The demotivating factor here is that this job can get tedious and boring eventually. However, it does assure you a steady flow of income. Read more about earning money online by working from home through data entry here.

Go to site: captcha entry job, copy and paste, fiverr, freelancer, guru

9. Online tutor

Do you like teaching? Have you been a teacher before? Do you have skills that make people want to listen to you? Then online tutoring is an excellent option. Online tutoring requires teaching a skill, especially one that is in demand, through the virtual mode.

How do I become one?

You can use your expertise in a particular subject, register on freelancing websites by mentioning the subjects that you teach. You can read more about earning money online through online tutoring by working from home, here

Go to site:myprivatetutor , bharattutors, udemy, coursera

10. Coder

Are you a programming geek? Do you have a functioning knowledge of languages such as C++ , HTML, Python, NET, Java or PHP? Then you can take the road to coding and get paid while working from home, online.

How do I become one?

Technology and its value will never stop progressing. So, don’t underestimate the importance of programming skills. Today many small businesses look for freelance coders to save on their expenditures. Once you leave a footprint on the freelancing sites as a programmer, you will start having a steady flow of income and happiness of flexible work hours that freelance coding has to offer. You can read more about earning money online by working from  home through coding, here.

Go to site:Toptal, upwork, freelancer , hired, turing

11. Consultant

Do you have an expertise in a particular field? Have you taken a break from years of work? Do you plan to consider a side business while working in a fulltime job? Whatever the reason, consulting is one amazing freelancing option.

How do I become one?

There are many small businesses that require advice from consultants for a reasonable amount. Your consulting business can range from accounts to law, from finance to technology. Register at a freelance website or start networking. You can read more about earning money online by working from  home through coding, here.

Go to site:LinkedIn, Toptal, Upwork , 99designs

12. Customer Service Representative

All that a Customer service representative (CSR) requires is good communication skills. Many companies prefer to hire CSRs who work remotely because they find them to be cost effective.

How do I become one?

A good phone connection, a fine internet connection can aid you with your freelancing job. You also need to know the tact to handle different types of customers. Read more about earning money online by working from home, here.

Go to site:Upwork, freelancer, workana

13. Copy Writing:

Are you good with words? Do you understand the concept of a brand and its story? Can you create attractive short taglines? Then copywriting is the right job for you.

You can write copy for businesses from your home and, in some cases, earn up to six figures. Try Fiverr or Upwork to find gigs.

How do I become one?

Find gigs at freelancing websites by building a solid portfolio that makes your experience in copy writing stand out. Who knows you could land the best gig of writing engaging copies for small to large scale businesses?

Go to site:Fiverr, Upwork

14. E-commerce Store Owner

The online market will never stop booming. It has a promising future and that is a reason why many new companies seem to join in. Becoming an e-commerce store owner, is a great idea to gain some entrepreneurship and also to work from home while earning money online.

How do I become one?

The first important step is to know what lies inside. Get a good grasp of the business model, which basically comprises 5 types: dropshipping , wholesaling , manufacturing, white-labeling and subscribing. Read more about earning money online by working from home through e-commerce store ownership, here.

Go to site: Magento , Woocommerce and Shopify

15. Handmade Crafter

Do you have the talent of making creative jewelry or furniture? Have you been gifting your talent to your close ones? Why not make some earnings out of it through freelancing?

How do I become one?

If you observe websites like Krafted with happiness and iTokrithey have done a great job by setting up an online business. Besides have a huge fan following in social media sites, they also rule the roost in exhibitions and flea markets. Handmade crafts are a lot in rage of late because of demand of uniqueness and bold statements in the milennials. You can start by choosing out your skill and then setting up an online shop. You can read more about earning money online by working from home through a handmade crafts business here and here.

Go to site: Shopify , Etsy

16. Internet Security Specialist

As a cyber security specialist, you would be securing information, and monitoring and responding to security threats and event within different businesses. Given the cases of frauds and scams online, the demand for cyber security specialists has risen steadily.

How do I become one?

Start building a strong reputation online by participating in cyber security related online forums like malware tips or builders security. Get skilled in hacking , python, cryptography. You can read further on earning money online by working from home through a internet security specialist job here

Go to site: 


17. Grant Writer

A Grant writer is required to compose proposals for companies and organisations that are seeking grants. This form of writing can easily be done on a freelance basis, just by working from home and can pay you decently, overtime.

How do I become one?

Many universities, hospitals and NGOs need grant writers since they frequently need to apply for money. Grant writing is tricky to write. hence, there is a huge demand for talented grant writers. You need to gain a good certification on grant writing to know the basics. Then you can gain experience by applying for internships. Over time, you can set your foot in the field and start a lucrative career. You can read further on earning money online by working from home through a grant writing business here

Go to site: 

Upwork, flexjobs, freelancer

18. Online Juror

Are you a lawyer by profession looking to make some extra bucks? Do you love watching courtroom dramas? You can definitely think about becoming an online juror. Lawyers usually have a mock jury before presenting their case in the actual courtroom. So, in a mock jury, they present their cases to an online jury who then carry out their proceedings. This jury comprises freelance online jurors.

How do I become one?

Gain some experience by registering in a mock jury website. You can read further on earning money online by working from home through an online jury business here

Go to site: 

eJury, Resolution Research

19. Social Media Coordinator:

A social media coordinator creates awareness about the recent market trends. Many businesses are in the look out for social media coordinators and strategists who can handle their social media presence.

How do I become one?

Be well versed with the latest market trends, have a good online presence. Also, a communication degree, a strong portfolio and excellent networking skills can go a long way.

You can read further on earning money online by working from home through a social media managing business here

Go to site: 

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Upwork, Freelancer

The final words: Today, earning money is no more restricted to the traditional ‘offline’ methods. Many prefer working from the comfort of their homes with no strict deadlines and staying close to their families. However, earning money online working from home is an altogether different ballgame, because it requires patience and hard work along with awareness on the latest trends in the market.

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