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12 Sure-shot Ways You Can Earn Money While Working from Home in 2020

12 Sure-shot Ways You Can Earn Money While Working from Home in 2020

Are you bored of working for your 9 to 5 job? Do you feel that you could do better by working from home? Well, working from the relaxing environment of your home especially in this lockdown is an excellent way to earn money. In fact, many works from home jobs today also ensure good earnings. If you are fairly new to the idea of earning money while working from home, this article will help you. Here are 12 ways that  can help you actually land a great job from home along with good pay:

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Blogging is a long haul scene but it assures you good returns over time. The best thing about blogging is that you can start it without investing a single penny. All you need is sufficient writing and researching skills. Once you set your feet in it, you can start making money even as an entrepreneur. You can blog either by writing for someone or you can blog by writing for yourself. All that blogging requires is patience and consistency.

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Recommendations: Wordpress or Blogger is definitely a good option if you want professional finesse. However, Medium is a highly preferred option for bloggers.   Your major concern with blogging should be attracting traffic because more the traffic, more the chances of earning money. You may also sell products or market on your blog site.

2.Online teaching:

Do you feel that you’re skilled in a subject? Then online tutoring is the perfect work from home job for you. You can market your skills on a website by providing video lessons. There are instances where people have earned six figures just by online tutoring.

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Recommendations: Platforms like Teachable, Education First, Chegg, and Udemy are a decent mode to sell your tutoring skills online. 

3.Online surveying:

This is an easy way of earning money from the comforts of your home. Online surveys also provide you the flexibility of time, so you can take them whenever you please. The online surveys won’t make you rich but they will definitely guarantee you some moolah. You can learn a bit more about these surveys here.

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Recommendations: The online survey scenario is quite crowded  but reputed consumers like survey junkie and Swagbucks can offer you trustworthy opportunities. Be careful while looking at the surveys and not be scammed.

4.Affiliate Marketing:

It is an online retail shop. You promote other people’s products with the help of an affiliate network. If the products sell from your marketing, you earn a commission. You can find out more here.

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Recommendations: You can sign up with popular retailers like Flipkart or Amazon and later promote the products of your choice in social media sites.

5.Freelance Writing:

Have you always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Well, freelance writing will give you an opportunity to do that. It would aid you to build a legacy of your own.  If this question arises in your mind that how to make money as an entrepreneur. If you have decent writing, marketing, programming, and designing skills, then you can easily make money online as a freelancer. However, freelancing is all about being skilled in your field of expertise and in marketing. Remember, freelancing is all about loving your work and selling it. Read about the best paying freelance jobs here.

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” – Arnold J. Toynbee

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Recommendations: The trick is to figure out your niche and then apply. You can try websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, 99Designs, Designhill, Gigster. You can find a few more here.

6.Social Media Marketing:

Are you a social media addict? Do you boast of a thousand followers in your account? Well, then you are at a winning side here. Social media is one of the best modes to gain opportunities for earning money. You can majorly benefit from it, especially from the entertainment sector. In fact, an influencer with at least 10,000 followers could earn at least 2,500 $ per post. As you can earn more money through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  It completely depends on you to make the people in your list as an asset. You can take inspiration from Social media influencers like Gaurav Gera, CarryMinati, or even Tucker Budzyn.  Companies love advertising their products through their channels and pages, given their fan bases.

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Recommendations: Earning money through social media profiles requires patience and will power. You can concentrate on expanding your network initially and then proceed to sponsor products once you garner attention and build a strong fan base. You can read more about eat here.

7.Stock Market Trading:

Unlike Freelancing, Stock trading requires you to invest a little money, initially. Stock trading is exciting if you know the tips and tricks of the job. You should have a fair idea about picking the right stock that could pay well. However, if you have no idea about picking the right stock, you can always earn money online by stock trading.

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Recommendations: Money control, Screener, Investing.com, Moneyworks for me are a few websites that could acquaint you with the world of stock trading. Remember that it is an art that requires patience and time. Once you master it, you can reap the benefits by working from home instead of your 9 to 5 drudgery. You can read more about stock-trading here. You can find out more about the stock trading websites here.

8.Domain Trading:

You may have seen the addresses of the website while typing them on the web browser. That is known as a domain name. So a good example of a domain name would be www.myblog.com. It is just like having a property on the web instead of on the land. Domain trading can be done in a variety of ways to make money online. You can buy a domain name at the lowest price and later sell it at a higher price. There is a high chance that a few of these domains might have garnered a lot of traffic and backlinks.  You can read about the list of the highest-earning domain names here.

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Recommendations: Buying good domain names is a tricky business. You have to be careful to buy the right domain names without being cheated. It’s better if you buy it from a reputed domain registrar like You can buy domain names from a reputable domain registrar like Namecheap, GoDaddy, monikar, domain.com, Bluehost, HostGator, etc You can read about buying the right domains here.

9.Decluttering and Selling:

Having a clutter-free house is something, especially in the time of this lockdown is something everyone has been vying for. It’s not a difficult task to declutter your space, especially in this age of minimalism. Besides, what if you get paid for it? Yes, it’s true! You can actually declutter and earn some quick bucks. So take off your old books, your old furniture and old decor and get set go.

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Recommendations: List out the items, that you could actually do without. You can sell your items on websites like ebay, craigslist, and Facebook market place. Remember, that decluttering can not only earn you some good money through online selling but it can also clear space for your home office, in case you have decided to work from home. It also helps you keep a tab on your finances by making you aware of the items you should actually buy and items that you shouldn’t. You can read more about decluttering shopping here.


At the time of lock-down when it’s impossible to attend classes, webinars are a great idea to actually impart your teaching skills and earn some cash. The best about webinars is that you can teach from anywhere to anyone around the corner of the world. If you have great experience and expertise on a subject, webinars are a great idea to earn money by working from home. You also don’t have to seek permission from the college authorities like you would otherwise do for a professorship.

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Recommendations: You can easily get a fair idea about webinars on Linkedin or Udemy. If you plan on hosting a webinar, you need to work on your credibility, on the topic and its delivery, on the platform, on the pricing and on the marketing and promotion. You can read more about it here.

11.Paid Researching:

It’s true that there are companies that pay you to just research on the internet. If you’re disinterested in a regular job and want to earn some cash by just working from home, then paid researching is one of the best options. Many companies just want to track the online behavior of people based on various demographics. This could further aid  their clients with advertisements. For instance: A company might be looking for the preferences of 18 to 20 year olds in a certain region.

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Recommendations: Sites like Wonder, Swagbucks, and Opinion Outpost are good websites for paid researching. They pay you for shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys, or buying gift-cards. You can read more about it here.

12.Freelance Consulting:

Freelance consulting is a great idea for professionals as a side business. It is also a great idea for professionals who have grown professionally but are not confident about carving their own growth trajectory outside their jobs.  It can be a great gig also for stay-at-home parents who want to set their own feet in the market by working from home. Overtime, with great work, consulting can easily become a full time job which requires huge amount of attention.

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Recommendations: A home-consulting business requires marketing skills as a crucial role. You should work on your LinkedIn profile by making it eye catching with the right details. You can later create a website that describes your work, experience and testimonials given by your clients. The icing on the cake is creation of a blog that regularly updates the audience about your work. You can read more about it here.

The ending:

Working from home is never a bad idea but it requires a lot of patience and dedication from your side to be truly successful. You can even try the above mentioned options as a side business even when you have work on a 9 to 5 job.



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