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Yoga for Weight Loss: Top 8 postures that will help you get rid of all that extra fat!


Yoga for Weight Loss was popularized recently due to its proven health benefits. Yoga is preferred by many people over gyms and exercising. It is practiced by millions of people across the globe irrespective of their ages. Yoga can help you lose weight, improve your concentration, make you physically fit by controlling your blood sugar, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, heal depression, and improve brain functions.

Some of the well-known benefits of practicing yoga on a daily basis are weight loss. Doing yoga daily will help you shed those extra kgs and make you look fit like never before. Here are some postures of yoga you must practice for effective weight loss:

1) The Chair Pose :

This is one of the easiest yoga postures you can practice for weight loss. Stand straight with your feet joined and position yourself similar to the squat position. Join your hands together and place them straight above your heads. Position yourself as though you’re sitting on a chair (squat position) and stay so for 10-15 seconds. Practice this posture for 25 minutes a day for effective weight loss.

2) Angle Pose :

Stand with your feet firm and hip-width apart. Join your hands and stretch them over your head such that they’re parallel to your body. Bend from your torso towards the left and stay in the same position for 10 seconds. Repeat the same towards your right. Repeat this for 25 minutes every day for amazing results.

3) The Bridge Pose:

Firstly lay on your back and bend your knees while your feet are firmly placed on the ground. Lift your back, basically your hips from the mat such that you’re in a position of a bridge. Place your hands straight on the mat to hold your abdomen and bottom. Stay in the same position for 10 seconds and slowly release your body.

4) Plank Pose :

This posture is very similar to your regular plank position. Start by laying on your stomach and lift your body from the mat by using your hands. Your body should be straight and make sure your knees don’t bend. Stay in the same position for 10-15 seconds and slowly get back to your normal position. Repeat this posture for at least 30 minutes/ day for effective results.

5) Corpse Pose :

Start by lying down on your back and place your arms on the ground. Relax and spread your legs and breathe slowly by relaxing your body. Repeat this after you perform all the postures for 20 minutes.

6) Upward Dog Pose :

Start by lying down on your stomach. Now, extend your hands and place your palms firmly against the floor. Lift your upper body while your lower body still touches the mat. Stay in the same position for 20 seconds and repeat this posture for 10 minutes.

7) Bow Pose :

Lie flat on your stomach and then lift your upper body. While you lift your upper body make sure, you lift your legs and place your hands on each of them similar to the cobra position. Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds.

8) Child Pose :

Start by sitting on the floor and bend your head on the mat such that your stomach touches the thighs. Stretch your hands forward and place them parallel to your body. Stay in the same position until you’re comfortable. Repeat this every day for better results!

Note: You must practice at least 5 of these postures on a daily basis for effective weight loss.

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