The Rank of Countries in Making Vaccines for CoronaVirus


The coronavirus outbreak began in early December of 2019. From that day to every new day, there has been a high spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. 6 months have passed since the advent of this virus that seems to have no end. The number of these cases has reached millions as of June 2020.

There are millions that have lost their lives as a result of this virus. The world has been forced to undergo a massive shutdown and practice social distancing.

The pandemic-2020 has forced many people to isolate themselves, work from home, and refrain from traveling. The virus has taken a toll on the economic sector as well as the industrial and educational sectors. Therefore, it is important for every country to stand together and fight the virus.

The vaccines:

China released the genetic code of the coronavirus in January, 2020. Since then, numerous research centers, scientists and experts have begun their work towards developing a vaccine and a proper drug for this virus. Although it takes almost a decade for the development of an official vaccine, the countries are speeding up the development process keeping in mind the welfare of mankind.

The development of a vaccine that might turn out to be successful was reported by Israel. Many researchers and scientists from Israel claim to have found the cure for COVID-19. However, the vaccine awaits permission for the first phase of clinical human trials.

The announcement of Israel was followed by similar announcements by Britain, Italy, and the USA. The researchers and experts from the above-mentioned countries have announced the successful development of vaccines in partnership with WHO. There are numerous institutes and medical research centers that are partnering with other pharmaceutical companies to make this vaccine. There has been an instant spike in investments towards many pharma- biotech companies and research centers.

India also managed to pave its way in the list of countries developing vaccines for COVID-19. A vaccine called ‘covaxin’ is manufactured by the Bharat-biotech pharmaceutical company in collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research. The vaccine was recently given a nod to go ahead with its first phase of human trials. If the first phase turns out to be successful, India is most likely to be pioneering the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Almost every country across the world has joined the race in developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. However, the leading countries are Israel, Italy, Britain, the USA, India, Australia, and several other European countries.

The official vaccine that has to be finalized and officially developed may take years but for now, the researchers are trying their best to save the world.

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