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Here Is The Best Way To Do Cardio If You Have Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain is common and there are many factors that lead to knee pain. It can be injuries, accidents, sprain, arthritis, and several other disorders of the bone.

However, if you observe your knee pain getting worse, it is best to consult a doctor and know the specific reason.

Knee pain also brings some side effects along with the pain. One of the common side effects of enduring knee pain is gaining abnormal weight due to less activity.

Less activity leads to unusual weight gain and you cannot join the gym due to the constant pain. Cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight if you are injured or can be less active.

Cardio does not mean you have any kind of intense exercise. You can go for some simple yet basic cardio such as brisk walking and swimming. You can do the low impact cardio and still lose weight and stay fit.

Some of the top low impact cardio you can do when you have knee pain is:

1) Swimming:

Swimming is one of the best cardio you can do when you are injured. It works out for your entire body and strengthens your muscles.

This will also help in strengthening the muscle of your knees and may also help in getting rid of the knee pain. So try swimming and lose weight in an effective way.

2) Reverse kick:

Wrap your arms around a kickboard and gently kick such that your knees are lifted up high. Reverse kick in such a way that your knees reach your chest and this is similar to marching.

3) Walking:

Cardio does not mean running on a treadmill for hours. You can walk after each meal for 30 minutes. Walking and running are the best ways to lose weight effectively. So try walking and get rid of that extra fat.

4) Low impact jumping jacks:

You might have already heard and tried the regular jumping jacks. Consider doing low impact jumping jacks by standing straight and moving your right leg.

Take the right foot out to the right, moving slightly on the left foot so that your body is facing the left side of the room. At the same time, swing the right arm up. Repeat this on the other side and do as much as you can.

5) Med ball knee lifts:

Hold your exercise balls in your hands and stand straight. Now, march with the exercise ball. Start with the med ball straight up and bring the right knee up, touching it with the exercise ball.

Repeat the same on the other side and repeat this for 5 minutes.

6) Side leg lifts:

This is one of the easiest ways to do cardio when you are injured. Stand straight with the chair by your side. Lift the left leg out to the side, foot flexed. Remember keeping the hip, knee, and foot straight and aligned too!

Repeat this on the other side and do 10 sets.

So lose some weight even if you are injured!

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