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The Perfect “No Makeup Makeup” Look


One of the trending and incredible makeup looks that will turn heads is the “No Makeup Makeup look”. This makeup look is considered to be simple and is perfect if you are in no mood for heavy makeup.

The No Makeup-Makeup look is one of the easiest, simple, and amazing makeup looks you can go for if you are in a hurry or lazy. This look will give your face a fresh look but also make it look flawless like never before.

There is a lot of buzz regarding the No Makeup looks, and you will find many tutorials spread all over the internet that will help you nail the look without any inconvenience. “No makeup” makeup look is basically the bare minimum that involves the steps of application than the number of products.

It is a known fact that doing that flawless makeup is nothing like a cake-walk. You need the right kind of products and basic knowledge to nail the “No Makeup-Makeup look”.

Here are some tips and hacks that will help give your No Makeup looks a perfect finish:

1) Exfoliate:

The primary thing that will help you look flawless is following a simple skincare routine. It is important to make your skin look fresh and clean underneath. Exfoliate your face twice a week and follow a suitable skincare routine to nail your No Makeup look. Make sure you double cleanse your face before applying makeup to get rid of clogged pores of any kind of bacteria.

2) Moisturizer:

Moisturizer is that one specific product you should not miss out on when it comes to achieving a perfect look. Apply a suitable moisturizer before going for the primer.

3) Primer:

Primer is the easiest way to get a smooth base. A pore filling primer will smooth and fill any pores without clogging them the way a thick foundation will do. Apply primer thoroughly on your face so that you will have a smooth base.

4) Skip the Foundation:

You can either skip the foundation to have a minimal look or use little on your fingertip to dab and cover your pigmentation or dark spots. Use a suitable foundation if you want to do so. However, you can skip the foundation for a fresh and flawless look.

5) Concealer:

As you will be skipping the foundation, use a little concealer to cover your blemishes, dark circles, or dark spots. Apply these with your fingertips and get rid of all your skin insecurities.

6) Cream everything:

Creams make everything just blend and sink right in, and it tends to look more natural than powders. After applying your foundation and concealer, blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge. This will make your skin glow throughout the day!

7) Blush:

You can get the perfect No Makeup Look by adding a little bit of cream blush to the apples of the cheeks, up onto the temples, and right on the bridge of the nose.

So try these hacks and let us know if they were helpful!

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