Sesame Oil For Skin Lightening


Sesame oil is derived from the flowering plant of sesame called sesamum indicum. Generally, it is mostly used for cooking, but it has benefits for the skin too. It has antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an overall best oil for your skin. It has a very low chance of clogging your pores. Its antioxidant properties help in fighting acne.

Sesame oil derives its antioxidant properties from the following:


Sesame oil derives fatty acids from the following:

oleic acid
palmitic acid
stearic acid
linoleic acid

Patch test for sesame oil:

Apply this oil on your hand on a small patch
Cover it with a gauze pad
Leave it for 24 hours, if you find any itching or redness, wash it off and discontinue the use.
If your skin feels clear, give ahead and leave the gauze pad.

How to use sesame oil:

This oil is not an essential oil so apply it liberally on your hands and legs.
Massage it properly
If you are using it for acne, dab a cotton ball in it and apply on affected areas.
Wash it off in case you feel it’s uncomfortable.

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