Decoding the IT hairstyle for every face shape


Styling according to your face shape can be a tricky thing for most of us. Not just the makeup, but the hairstyle also plays a crucial role in either making or breaking your look.

So here we present to you the hairstyles according to your face shape.
1. Oval Face:

If you are among those who are blessed to have an oval face, then there are quite plenty of hairstyles that suit you. You might certainly be also having a wide forehead, which can sometimes be tricky to hide if you want to. But there are few hairstyles that come to your rescue. Try the following hairstyle

  • Part your hair in the desired way
  • Take a few strands of hair and flip it over on the opposite side so that it covers most of your forehead.
  • You now can either tie a loose ponytail or a braid or even leave the strands in their natural beauty as it is.
2. Straight Long Face:

Long elongated features are what make this type of face different from the other faces. It has a different appeal when compared to other faces. Such faces are easy to style, but even one small mistake can break the look too. You can try doing the following:

  • Add texture and volume to your hair, in case of thin hair. By spraying any hair spray.
  • Run your fingers through your hair and give it a ruffled look.
  • Let those strands be loose to give you a casual look
3. Heart-Shaped Face:

This type of face is characterized by a prominent chin and there is so much we can do with this type of face.  you have a prominent feature that many do not have, so make the best use of it. Try the below hairstyle

  • Untangle your hair with the help of a wide-mouthed comb
  • Backcomb your hair  and gather all your hair loosely from the nape of your neck
  • Tie a loose ponytail or tie in a messy bun and let loose a few strands for that messy yet casual look.
4. Round face:

A round face has fewer options when compared to other face types. As a round face is mostly considered a chubby face, curls are the best-suited option for attaining that cute look. Try the following style to rock the curls:

  • Curl your hair using a curling comb
  • Style your fringe according to your taste
  • Let your cute curls do the talking by leaving them just as is.
 5. Square face:

A prominent jawline and cheekbones define this type of face.

    • Part your hair in your desired way
    • Tie a loose braid on one side
    • Leave a few strands to give a casual look

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