Can You Sleep Your Way To Healthier Brighter Skin?


A good night’s sleep can do wonders for our health. Not only our health but also our skin benefits a lot from the good snooze that we get. Our skin repairs and restores itself during the time we rest in the night as there is zero facial muscular activity, thus making minimal contractions. that gives the skin that much needed rest and rejuvenation. So, if you want your skin to glow and radiate like you are sweet 16, then you have an easy way out. Sleep well! Here we present you various ways in which you can sleep your way to healthier brighter skin.

1. Use softer pillowcases:

This is one of the simplest of them all and maybe more common too. As we spend a considerable amount of time sleeping on the pillow, a softer pillow case can be the best bet if you want to delay aging and wrinkles. As the face wraps around the pillowcase, the friction generated may cause our face to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Using a silk pillowcase may prolong the aging of the skin as it has less friction generated. So next time you want your skin to glow without much effort, just invest in a silk pillowcase, or any super soft pillowcase for that matter.

2. Place a humidifier on your nightstand:

The next best bet is using a humidifier as the skin is prone to get dehydrated during the night, and using a humidifier can reverse the effects of dehydration and aging. The skin loses its water content through the epidermis this is known as transmedia which can dry out the skin and thus cause wrinkles and fine lines. Installing a humidifier on the nightstand can help the skin remain supple and soft throughout the night.

3. Sleep on your back and not on the side:

This can be easy if you are habituated with sleeping on your back. as sleeping on your back prevents your skin to get in contact with the pillow cover thus preventing any sort of friction. If you sleep on your front, fluid accumulation of fluids and may cause puffiness under eyes. This can take a really long time to heal. Sleeping on your side will cause fine lines to develop around the sides of your face. Therefore sleeping on your back is the best option.

4.Use products with vitamins A and C:

Vitamin C acts as a catalyst in the production of collagen that helps in the anti-aging process. Its antioxidant properties help in rejuvenating the skin. Vitamin A helps in producing retinoids that help reverse the damages done to the skin caused by harmful UV rays.

5. Opt for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid:

According to a study, hyaluronic acid helps bind the skin cells together. This ingredient helps skin attain a dewy healthy glow. Include such moisturizer in your bedtime routine, and thus sleep your way to healthy brighter skin.

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