How to Remove Stretch Marks in 15 Days 100% Naturally


Eyeing that cute sleeveless top for a while? But hesitating to wear it? Just because of the ugly stretch marks that make your arms look unpleasant? Worry not. This problem is faced by many people. Men and women alike.

Stretch Marks also known as striae are formed when skin expands due to the changes in skin either growth or weight loss/gain. Here, we are emphasizing on proven ways to remove stretch marks 100% naturally.
1. Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is a versatile oil and can be used in many ways than one not just for your hair but also for the skin.  Applying coconut oil twice in a day helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, thus slowly reducing stretch Mark’s naturally.
How to use
Apply extra virgin coconut oil on the affected areas, twice in a day for best results.
2.Aloe vera gel:
Aloe vera contains Glucomannan and gibberellin compounds that help in collagen-boosting and fading stretch marks eventually. It not only fades away the stretch of Mark’s but also improves skin texture by making it smooth.
How to use:
Scoop out aloe vera gel and mix it with oil from vitamin E capsule. Apply this at least once in a day.
3. Sugar
Sugar is known to be the ultimate ingredient to treat stubborn stretch marks as it is used in a process known as microdermabrasion method. This method is clinically used to remove long-lasting stretch Marks
How to use
Add 1/4 cup of sugar to 1/3 cup of olive oil/ coconut oil. Add a dash of lime to it. Scrub this on the stretch Mark’s at least thrice in a week for 8 minutes before taking shower.
4. Shea butter
Shea butter is the most common ingredient in many beauty products these days. It not just moisturizes the skin but also helps repair damaged skin cells. It is 100% natural way to remove stretch marks.
How to use
Apply it on the affected areas and rub it gently all over till the skin looks smooth and supple.
5. Castor oil
Castor oil an excellent source of ricinoleic acid helps lighten the stretch marks as it acts as a good skin conditioning agent.
How to use:
Warm the castor oil and massage it for 15 minutes at least.
So, these were five natural ways to remove stretch marks in 15 days that have proven to work for most of the people. If you have been facing the same problem, do give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.

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