How To Keep Kids Engaged At Home During Lockdown ?

Engaged At Home During Quarantine

The grim situation that the world is facing today, because of COVID-19, is the same all over the world, as most parts of the world are under lockdown. During lockdown With self-quarantine imposed all over, all of us are just at home. Keeping up with the latest trends, challenges, etc have kept us busy. But what about the kids? Some of them are much younger to know the gravity of the situation. It is our duty to make them feel less bored at home with some innovative yet simple ideas.

Here are few ideas on How to keep kids engaged at home during lockdown !

1. Inculcate good habits

This has to be the first thing that you have to teach your kids. Even if you have been teaching them good habits, it becomes a top priority that you have to teach them the basic thing again, that is cleanliness. For example, people are washing hands vigorously and diligently very often. Teach them basic hygiene like this so as to keep away from the pandemic.

2.Hone their skills

If your kids are old enough, they will have at least a few hobbies/ skills. You can ask them to hone their skills and also pursue some easy online courses that will boost up their skillset. This will enhance their bio and will also help you in the long run.  There are plenty of courses available and we can easily register for anyone, and reap benefits.

3.Learn a new language

Learning a new language can never be a disadvantage, and owing to all the time in your kid’s schedule now, you can easily sit with them and learn a new language online. As kids have a good attention span and grasping power, it becomes comparatively easy for them to learn new language. This will be a plus for them in their future

4.Plant a tree

This can be done by kids of any age group, you can ask them to try certain basic yet essential trees/ plants like leafy greens, etc. That require not much efforts. This will also help you to teach your kids the art of sustainable living.

5.Best out of waste

This can be easily done by kids of 3+years of age, as we generally have many waste materials lying around. So, why not making the best use of those things? You can get hundreds of ideas on how to re  use and decorate your place with the help of the tutorials on YouTube. These will also help your kids to enhance their creativity, but also help you light up your place.

6.No gas cooking

This can be easily done by kids of age 3+ years, as it does not involve any gas. You can try cold- pressed sandwich, a smoothie, salads or decorate cupcakes. There are so many ideas and you can do so much with very less ingredients too.

Other ideas to keep them busy during quarantine are-
  1. Teach them basic meditation
  2. Pretend play with them
  3. Make them read
  4. Ask them to imitate things and ask them questions on various pictures. Like ” Show and Tell’
  5. Give them some time to paint and draw random things.
  6. Use play doh and get creative
  7. Take their help in small chores like watering the plants or keeping the objects on their place. This improves fine motor skills in them.

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