How To Explain Pandemic To Kids?

How To Explain Pandemic To Kids

There is so much going on with the ongoing pandemic COVID 19. Right from the anxiety to the uncertainty, we adults are dealing with everything quite efficiently. But, when it comes to children, it becomes very difficult to make them understand and be able to assure them. though we all are quite concerned about the pandemic, our kids must not get a whiff of our concern.

With schools being closed down, malls, play areas being shut, kids might feel trapped at home. With so many restrictions on stepping out of the house like the closing of schools and not meeting their friends. They are bound to feel bored. We have to make them feel involved and let them be occupied. But we also have to explain to them about this pandemic in a suitable way, explaine pandemic to kids.

For toddlers-

Toddlers are too young to understand the gravity of the situation. We just cannot tell them the situation as it is too difficult for them to understand. Lest we can tell them is to avoid going out and that there are harmful germs that might cause fever and cold. This can be told to avoid them from venturing out of the house. Though we have to be mindful of maintaining proper hygiene for them. ask them to sing their favorite rhyme for one whole minute while washing their hands. this will encourage them to do it more often.

For Little older Kids

Kids from Pre K to Elementary school can be briefed about the pandemic in a broader sense, and they can also be told about the repercussions of going out or being unhygienic. They can be explained in detail about how to wash hands and also other basic hygiene – related things. Explain to them the effects of socializing with people person to person. 


Kids attending high school/ teenagers might know about the COVID 19 scenario, but there are high chances that they are misinformed. So many rumors go around and so, there is so much panic among the kids of this age. Some of them might also feel depressed and uncertain about their future. Then is the time to make them feel motivated and loved and assure them that come what may, you are always there to take their care.

These might be some of the FAQs asked by the kids-

  1. Why am I not meeting my friends?
    You can answer this by assuring them that once the quarantine ends, and the pandemic is under control, they can meet their friends.
  2. Are my grandparents going to fall ill?
    To this, you can answer as there is a high certainty that people who are old will get the infection rapidly. But since the grandparents are taking every precautionary measure and are washing hands, social distancing and so they are safe.
  3. What if I fall sick?
    Assure your child that he might not get sick so easily, but in case he still does, it is nothing to worry about and you will take care of him. assurance is what they need in these times of uncertainty.
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