How to do rationing during quarantine?

rationing during quarantine?

The world as coming to a standstill ever since the outbreak of COVID 19. With so much uncertainty everywhere, people are hoarding up things in excess of what they need. Since the time government has announced lock down, people are hoarding necessarily. Though sellers of essential commodities and medicines have put a rationing limit to various goods on sale, it is upon us to use the items wisely at our homes too. Not because the next-door grocery will be shut, but as to avoid numerous trips outside the home to buy those. As this will cut down the risk of being infected, you have to plan and ration the required commodities well in advance for the proper functioning of day to day life for rationing during quarantine?

How to do rationing during quarantine?

There are a  a few basic questions that you need to ask yourself before you ration. Those are-

  1. How much food do you have?
  2. How many people are you rationing for?
  3. How long will you need the food supply to last?

    1. How much food do you have?

    In case you are just back from a fresh grocery run, categorize your shopping. Like divide the food into categories like
    – Perishables
    Canned foods
    -Packaged foods
    In case of perishables, give them a top priority and finish them off first.
    In case of canned and packaged foods, that can last you longer. give them a second preference.
    Make sure that you do not waste valuable resources during this period,  and be mindful on  how much you can save for others.

    2. How many people are you rationing for?

    The next question, you are supposed to consider is the number of people that require rationing at home. You cannot just blindly buy things and later let them rot. Or otherwise ration less, and later find it difficult to step out of the house for them. Be mindful to also include your pets and keep in mind their needs. You have to ration for every being that requires food staying at your home.

    3. How long will you need the food supplies to last?

    The next thing you have to consider is the time period for which you want to ration. Generally, a two weeks period seems to work well with most of the people.

    Few other points

    1. Avoid going out often
    2. Practice social distancing
    3. Wear a protective gear/ mask while you are stepping out
    4. Wash your hands and legs thoroughly with alcohol -based sanitizer once you are back home.
    5. Do Not hoard things as the grocery shops are open and well functioning.

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